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Frankie's Info

Gender: Doe
Independent (leader)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Primary
Owned by: shortbred
Mom: Unknown
Dad: JumpRip
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Frankie's Stats


Power: 237
Aptitude: 67
Health: 106
Attack: 64
Defense: 67
Energy: 66
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Color: Harlequinized Full Colorful Agouti Wild Skunk Tear
Genes: agouti color color dilute harlequine solid none
(AA - clrclr - cclrcclr - dd - ejE - enen - VV)


Frankie's a real go-getter. She's an all-or-nothing kind of gal; a take-no-prisoners type of gal, and will follow orders to the 'T' so long as the plan's a fun one. You bore her, and this girl's going renegade. Anything goes to stave off the slow and miserable demise that is sheer and all-consuming boredom.


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