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Credits can be used to upgrade your account.
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Upgrade Tokens

There are different types of upgrade tokens that will grant different effects. They will appear in your inventory after purchase. Tokens can be applied to your account at any time, traded, or sold to other players like any other item. Once applied to your account (you can apply it from your den), a token will grant upgrade benefits for however long the token is good for. The upgrade time cannot be moved, transferred, or paused once it has been applied.

Account Upgrade:
1. 2,000 points daily.
2. Room for 600 additional rabbits.
3. +3 kits in every litter.
4. See +1 more silhouettes when exploring.
5. Acess to the Spirit Tree.

1 Month Upgrade

3 Month Upgrade

6 Month Upgrade

1 Year Upgrade

Specs Pass Upgrade:
The Specs Pass is a special type of upgrade that will grant the same effects as the Preview Specs item. Unlike Preview Specs, the Specs Pass has unlimited use and will not run out for 1 month.

1 Month Specs Pass