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What do you think of the Origin Name Stone?

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Date Posted: 2020-01-22 03:47:45 | Report

Originally, we did not run a poll on this thinking it would be a positive addition to the site.

We realize there could be details about this item that we'd like some feedback on, so let us know what you think!

Last Seen: 2-4 weeks ago
Date Posted: 2020-01-22 04:46:49 | Report

I'm more neutral on the name stone, as I don't really plan on using it, but it seems like a neat item for people who do want to use it.

Last Seen: 1-3 days ago
Date Posted: 2020-01-22 16:29:11 | Report

I am not really sure on how I feel about it, to be honest. I had thought the purpose of the "Original Name" on a rabbit's profile was so that people could treasure the random great names that RNG pops out. If we have the ability to mask that, then it would seem that it loses some of the fun that finding a great RNG name brings. Although, I've definitely had times where I thought how great it would be to just put a great name on a rabbit without the evidence of Original Name showing what I did... So, yeah, I dunno what I feel yet.

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Date Posted: 2020-01-23 23:42:25 | Report

i don't typically use name stones unless i specifically want to name an adult somehting, so an original name stone doesn't mean much to me. however, the regular name stone is more important since i want to be able to name the rabbit what i want to name it, not what the game wants to

Last Seen: 1-6 months ago
Date Posted: 2020-01-30 19:34:50 | Report

Tbh I was hesitant at first, but I've slowly started changing name's on some rabbits, I've appreciated it. 😊

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Date Posted: 2020-02-03 03:30:49 | Report

Perhaps there could be a Mushroom added that allows you to pass one of a Parent's words to their offspring (in random order)?
And, if you used 2 of these shrooms (1 per parent), you would have the ability to create a baby born with two words you want?

That would avoid someone naming an "original name" something that is offensive, as well.

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