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Should collectible items have a use?

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Date Posted: 2020-01-22 04:01:30 | Report

A question for players!

Do you want a collections feature? Do you want items that are meant tio be collectibles? If so, should they also have a secondary use?

If we add a collections feature, you will be able to put any items into your collection including things like bones and herbs, which are also used in gameplay. If we add more items that can be put in your collections, do you think they NEED to have a use (such as being an herb, a stat boost item, etc.) or would you enjoy a category of items that essentially has no use other than collecting?

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Date Posted: 2020-01-22 04:19:59 | Report

Honestly I don't even use the herbs outside of turning them in for missions. For me they just aren't useful. And that's fine! While I do appreciate having items that have a use, junk items that are just for collections or to be sold are also pretty cool. The only caveat I'd want is that there be a guide as to what each item is used for, if anything, so that people know if something is just a collectible or junk item and not of any use otherwise.

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Date Posted: 2020-01-22 05:43:42 | Report

I personally am perfectly fine items having no use except collecting - Im a hoarder and love collecting things just for the sake of collection! Especially themed sets.

But if many people want it, maybe a use could be something like... putting a collectible in hoard adds +1 in one of the stats, as long as that collectible is in treasury? Depending on the collectible, for example possible "pet" insects - butterflies could add +1 health, horned beetles or wasps/hornets could add +1 attack, etc. Maybe even rarer colors/species of insects could add +2 or even +3 stats, when they're added to a rabbit's treasure?

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Date Posted: 2020-01-22 18:17:41 | Report

I thot should depend on the nature of the item on whether it should have a use. Like the snotflake, the purpose of the item is it has no use. But I also have a suggestion. As mentioned above in other posts, we never use the healing and energy items in battle. It would be nice if we could have items that help with experience and/or stats on rabbits.

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Date Posted: 2020-01-30 19:33:15 | Report

What if after collecting so many they were craftable?

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