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What level restrictions should the Crystal Cave have?

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Date Posted: 2020-02-09 08:22:04 | Report

How do you feel about level restrictions on marking stones?

We've gotten feedback that markings may be too complicated for newbies, so we're considering whether to make them accessible only at a higher level, once the player has become familiar with the rest of the site.

Level restrictions would prevent players from finding certain items like stones in low level areas and remove access to options in the Crystal Cave that involves those items.

The types of level restrictions we are considering are potentially lvl 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, etc. range (depending on what things will be restricted).

What kind of level restrictions would you like to see?

Last Seen: within 8 hours
Date Posted: 2020-02-09 08:44:39 | Report

Ok... so I *picked* the first option... however, here is a more detailed reply of what I think I would like to see...

Perhaps there could be 2 caves.
Hear me out...
1 - accessible through the Plaza, which only allows you to see/use functions you've unlocked by your personal level:
- 'Add wild skunk/tiger/jay' is unavailable until you reach the zone where stones can be found.
- 'Add wild (insert body part) marks' is unavailable until a slightly higher level than a beginner (I dunno, maybe 20ish?)
- I kinda would like to see genes themselves unlock as people level up, as well - like Chocolate DNA, Vienna DNA, etc, unlock as you unlock the levels where those rabbits begin appearing?
- Maybe if a player is upgraded, allow all genes/colors from the Spirit Tree to appear?
- NO IDEA how to make that work with the April event giving out colorful crystals, though...
2 - only accessible through the cash Store, and can access everything like the current cave - previewed changes here can ONLY be purchased by cash credits. (Because, once you are of a level to have unlocked these, you can use the cave from the plaza - it's only 'pay to play' if you want to get ahead of where you are.) All players can access this, and play with ideas, but can't make them happen until they either reach the right levels, or pay a credit or two.

Does that make sense?

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Date Posted: 2020-02-09 12:11:09 | Report

I would personally say that the cave should be accessible only after the user has gotten used to how the challenge system works, then start implementing basic color changes before getting more complex every ten levels or so.

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Date Posted: 2020-02-09 12:30:43 | Report

I think the crystal cave can be a bit confusing, but to me it also feels like one of the funnest parts of the site. Restricting it feels like taking away part of the game to me in the beginning. I’d also say that most of the questions I had about the cave wouldn’t be solved with leveling-how exactly stones and DNA work isn’t automatic to playing, it’s in the help articles.

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Date Posted: 2020-02-09 14:09:49 | Report

I don’t think the crystal cave should be restricted by level because you end up locking players out of a whole part of the site. People learn at different rates and that’s fine so what I would suggest is having a function within the crystal cave itself for users to set their `cave difficulty` per se.
So the ability to set what you’re calling `restrictions` to let them learn bit by bit at their own pace without having to worry about needing to level to unlock the most intricate part of the site (messing around with rabbit combinations).

With the feedback that crystal cave is too complicated, making it a level setting means that those newbies who want to learn early on cannot do that, so making it a setting would make those who want to able to mess around, and those who would rather have it simpler able to do so as they wish

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Date Posted: 2020-02-09 19:05:26 | Report

Please no restrictions. Every game has its own marking system, and newbies everywhere fumble through to learn it. That's part of the game. Once I figured out which genes I wanted for my rabbits, I was able to set leveling goals to obtain those genes because I had access to the cave and could see a rabbit's potential. Finding stones was a treat. As a new player, if I'd been locked out of the cave, and more restricted from genes than I already was, I'd probably have dropped the game completely. I came for the genetics, that was my draw.

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Date Posted: 2020-02-09 19:50:23 | Report

I'm of two minds here. When I joined, everything was level restricted. This made for looking forward to getting things and me actually buying rabbits from others who had stuff I wanted. Dutch for instance, was a high leveled thing, and not everyone had them.

I liked that because it provided encouragement to getting places. I don't mind having the cave accessible to everyone early on, but I do think that options should be level locked to encourage progress. I like the idea of a customize your rabbit in the cash shop as a cave thing, because it will still allow people to buy rabbits they want, if they ahve funds for it, and they'd still be able to play around, but it'd more goal setting.

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