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What should we do with the ej gene?

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Date Posted: 2020-04-24 11:56:15 | Report

This is another solution proposal regarding issues with the Harlequin (ej) gene.

We switched the Harlequin markings into the new marking system so users could have more variations and be able to edit them freely (also to allow devs to update the system without changing pre-existing rabbits, which happens when we update genes).

This left the ej gene without a purpose.

The Harlequin (ej) gene currently doesn't do anything on the site.
A rabbit with EjE expresses Full Extension, the same as any other rabbit with E_.
A rabbit with Eje is Non Extension, the same as any other rabbit with ee.
A rabbit with EjEj gets converted to ee (non extension).

We've tried to add markings to ej in various ways. The gene and marking systems unfortunately aren't cross-compatible and attempts to make Ej apply markings (or make Harlequin markings apply Ej) have caused unresolvable bugs in the Crystal Cave.

We have new options, though!

Give Ej rabbits Variation #1 Harlequin markings -
We can give all Ej rabbits the variation #1 Harbody, Harhead, and Harear markings. THIS WILL CHANGE EXISTING RABBITS.

Give Ej rabbits a limited cycle of Harlequin variations -
We can give all Ej rabbits the a set number of possible variations that you'll be able to change with Snowflakes like the old system.
Variations will be limited, so if you want access to more variations, you'll need to use the marking stones instead.

Remove Ej from Warrenz
Since Ej doesn't do anything, this would have no affect on images or gameplay. Ej DNA items would be compensated. Harlequin stones will continue to be used to make Harlequin rabbits.

None of these options
Leave things as they are, even though Ej doesn't do anything.

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Date Posted: 2020-04-25 06:11:31 | Report

While this topic is being discussed - The Wild gene also seems to have the same issues? We can apply wild marks to anything now (A, at, aa), so are you going to consider something similar for that one, based on how this one works out?

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Date Posted: 2020-04-25 07:36:05 | Report

The wild gene causes a solid brown color, as opposed to being self, tan, or a agouti. The brown layer allows for the cut out wild markings to show. Even though it no longer causes markings, that layer helps for the markings to be visible. It’s better than the agouti layer because the agouti layer has a cut out effect in it already (isnt a solid layer), whereas the wild gene causes the solid color.

We could rework this by removing the wild gene and making the agouti gene be solid. This would require a lot of changes and affect current existing rabbits though and idk I don’t think the wild gene is as much of a an issue as the Harlequin because as it is, unless we change it, the wild gene still does something that the agouti gene doesn’t and serves a purpose.

As opposed to ej right now that don’t do anything different from non-extension or full extension. They either convert to not extension or full extension and have no difference/doesn’t do anything to enhance the ability for markings to show up like wild does.

Of course this is all up to players. The reason we want to address this is because players have voiced confusion about the harlequin dna not causing markings. If there’s issues with wild we can address that separately too.

It’s just my personal opinion that wild does something unique to warrant existence (even if minor) but harlequin currently doesnt. We definitely want to get the harlequins sorted out since this is been an ongoing issue and later we can look into wilds if that becomes a problem.

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Date Posted: 2020-04-26 15:29:33 | Report

With the option where Ej genes are removed, what would be the effect on rabbits that have that gene? Are they simply given the equivalent genes (non extension or full extension), so their genes becomes ee or EE or Ee?

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Date Posted: 2020-04-26 16:12:24 | Report

Yes. They would get converted to the gene that is currently being expressed for those rabbits.

Since Ej already gets converted to either E or e, they would show E or e, making the genotype accurately reflect the current phenotypes for those rabbits

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Date Posted: 2020-04-27 00:42:13 | Report

Thanks. That seems like the simplest option for making sure everybody's rabbits look as we want them to and not have to go through all our rabbits to see if we have to change them, so that's my vote (voted in poll now).

Though, can I make another suggestion? Is it possible to convert every currently existing rabbit to have either full extension or non extension to preserve how all current rabbits look, and then re-add Ej genes with actual functions like option 1 or 2 to Warrenz? Or would that be too complicated to do?

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