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Last Seen: 1-2 weeks ago
Date Posted: 2020-12-19 13:20:00 | Report

While trying to get a better handle on the situation, I've decided to run another poll with more information. I may run more polls further on to try and get full opinions/preferences as things go forward. As it stands, updating three sites is just too much for Lunar to handle. I totally understand and support Lunar's decisions here. What we're looking at now is how to move foward. Here's an outline of the options: 1: Fully merge both sites - this would merge Warrenz entirely into 4dopt. Although genetics would not be the same as they are on Warrenz, Lunar is doing her best to see if she can manage a decent genetics system that would be similar and allow for the same amount of customization. 2: Allow those who wish to transfer but keep Warrenz as-is - In this instance, Warrenz would stop receiving content updates and only be maintained to keep the site functional as it currently is. 3: Sell Warrenz to another owner to work on as they see fit - Obviously this has both pros and cons. Lunar would have no control over what the new owners did with the site, but they might update it regularly and even improve on it greatly. If Warrenz got sold I imagine it might still be possible for those who wished to to transfer over to 4dopt.

Last Seen: within 1 day
Date Posted: 2020-12-24 18:46:09 | Report

Are there any players who might want to buy the game? If it got sold, I would be more comfortable with someone who actually plays the game. If not, I understand, Just trying to help! <3

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