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CheerfulCharlie's Info

Old Name: StrengthRegions
Gender: Doe
Cheerful (excited)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Warriors2
Owned by: GabbyAnn
Mom: Barley
Dad: Unknown
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CheerfulCharlie's Stats


Power: 42
Aptitude: 57
Health: 5
Attack: 32
Defense: 5
Energy: 33
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Color: Broken Wildcolor
Genes: wild black color dense non broken none
(wilda - Bb - cclrC - Dd - ee - EnEn - VV)


Charlie is a unicorn and nobody can convince her otherwise. She is strong willed and a leader but can also be a little to sassy and arrogant. "Boys like bad girls", she says. Her magnificent coloration makes everyone stare. 100% of her offspring are broken no matter who she chooses.


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