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HouseExport's Info

Old Name: HouseExport
Gender: Buck
Polite (friendly)
Age: Adult
Tunnel: Tunnel Of Cha
Owned by: JasperAndPearl
Mom: Livey
Dad: DashingFit
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HouseExport's Stats


Power: 7
Aptitude: 59
Health: 5
Attack: 1
Defense: 1
Energy: 5
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Color: Harlequinized Wildcolor Vienna
Genes: wild black color dense harlequine solid vienna
(wildat - Bb - cclrC - Dd - ejE - enen - Vv)


HouseExport is a polite Buck. He regularly shows rabbits how to do things and finds ways to help them out. However, he felt that he wasn't doing enough. So he went out and sought one item: The Alien Eye. After days of searching, he found one, and raced back home to the mysterious glittering pool found in the cave full of crystals. With his new form, not only does his markings frighten off predators and enemies, but he has the bulk and bite to fight them.


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