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How do I play?

Warrenz is an adoptables/rpg style browser game that you can play on a computer or other devices. It is fully compatible with different browsers.

You can begin playing by exploring, fighting challengers, foraging for food, completing missions, and maybe even kindling litters. As you level up and earn points, you'll be able to do more in the game. You can build a warren for your rabbits, enter contests, and engage with other players on the forums!

What do I do first?

If you aren't sure what to do first, try exploring and fighting the rabbits you find. Bring in a couple that you like, and work on leveling (and powering) up your group. You'll start to unlock more areas and activities pretty quickly.

What does my Level mean?

There are two types of levels: Account Levels and Rabbit Levels.
Both accounts and rabbits level up through experience, which can be gained by challenging rabbits, challenging predators, and kindling litters (as well as other features).
Here is a Leveling Guide that lists level-up rewards.

How do I get more rabbits?

If you have room, you can get rabbits by winning challenges, kindling litters, or from the Forsaken Burrows.

When you win a challenge against a rabbit, that rabbit might want to join your group. Learn more about challenges in the Challenger Guide.

As you level up and unlock more explore areas, you'll have access to more varied types of rabbits and items.

If you have both a buck and doe above lvl 20, they can raise a family. It will take a few days for the kits to age up, but you can keep as many as you have room for. Some colors can only be obtained by kindling litters. Check out the Kindling Guide if you want to know more about litters.

The Forsaken Burrows is where rabbits go when players send them away, though they will only appear for a little while. You will have to pay points for them if they have experience, but you can find many unique rabbits there.

How do I get more room for rabbits?

You can hold more rabbits depending on your account's level (check out the leveling guide for more information). You can also get room for another 500 rabbits with an upgrade from the Site Store

How do challenges and predators work?

Challenges and fighting predators are like basic battles with a health bar, stats, and attacks. Your rabbit can use your rabbit's attacks to lower a challenger's health. Whoever's health gets depleted first loses the challenge.

What happens if my rabbit dies?

If one of your rabbits dies, they will appear on the Rainbow Bridge where you can decide whether to let them go, or to resurrect them with the help of a spirit (in exchange for rabbit bones).

What do bones do?

In addition to being able to resurrect a fallen rabbit by giving rabbit bones to the resurrection spirit, rabbits can also give bones to a trainer in exchange for stat boosts (you can find the link on your rabbit's profile). Different species' bones are good for training in different stats (canine for attack, feline for defense, avian for energy, human for aptitude, and rabbits for health).