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Seekers Guide

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What are Seekers?

Seekers are warrens who are looking for a specific type of rabbit. For example, a seeker may be seeking a common agouti-colored buck of a minimum level and aptitude stat. By fulfilling the requests of seekers, you can earn points and level up your account (as well as finding a good place to send your extra rabbits).

How it Works

When you fulfill a request, the seeker will leave and be replaced by a new one. Or if you wait a day, you will see a new full set of 6 seekers with their own requests. Sending a rabbit away is a permanent decision, so make sure that you are positive about wishing to send away your rabbit.

What do the messages mean?

Each seeker will have their own request message, which will describe the type of rabbit they're looking for. Here's a few tips if you aren't sure what the messages mean:
- Lop eared rabbits are referred to as 'low-eared' by seekers.
- A 'big-dewlapped' rabbit is one with a large flap of skin under the chin, which is more commonly seen in does.
- Large claws means that the nails are prominently visible.
- Fluffy rabbits are rabbits who are extra-fluffy.
- Completely white rabbits can be either blue eyed or red eyed (if there is any other color on them, though, they won't be accepted).
- Completely albino refers to a completely white rabbit with red eyes. No other color.
- Vienna rabbits are those who are blue eyed white or any other color with vienna (white markings or blue eyes). Even just the presence of the vienna (lowercase v) allele is accepted.
- Black rabbits should be all or mostly black.
- Common agouti refers to full extension (E) agouti (A), like the real life wild rabbit color. Seekers will accept chocolate or dilute agoutis, too.
- Colorful refers to the fantasy color allele clr or cclr. The presence of the allele is enough to be accepted.
- Mystic personalities include Eccentric, Spiritual, Intuitive, Creative, Faithful, Quirky, Unlucky, Lucky, Wise, Deviant, Gifted, Enchanting, Free Spirit, Imaginative, and Artistic.
- Fighting personalities include Competitive, Arrogant, Aggressive, Brave, Rash, Spunky, Decisive, Tough, Angry, Impulsive, Bossy, Combative, Athletic, Bold, Conceited, Confident, Daring, Defiant, Steadfast, Wild, Assertive, and Fearless.