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Kindling Guide

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What is 'Kindling'?

Kindling is Warrenz' breeding feature, allowing for two rabbits to be paired up to raise a litter, mixing their genetics and other facts. You can start kindling any time by clicking the Kindling link from your rabbits page. On this page, you'll see any potential does available, and drops for bucks they can be bred to. Rabbits must be at least lvl 20 to kindle (both bucks and does).


Kindling allows your rabbits to have a family of offspring that inherit some of their traits, such as color. You can get rabbits in an endless number of unique colors only obtainable by kindling. You can also raise the aptitude stat on your rabbits over the course of generations (if you select for it). The parents will gain experience (and your account will, too).


Rabbits must be in a tunnel to raise a family (both dam and sire) and they must be at least level 20 to have their first litter. Does must be at least 6 months old (Adults) and bucks can be as young as 4 months old (Young Adults). Parent to child or sibling rabbits cannot be paired together.


Aging on Warrenz happens at midnight (Warrenz time). Each real life day is equivalent to 1 month on Warrenz. Gestation lasts about a month, so expecting moms will have their litters the next day (upon midnight, even if you were to kindle a minute before midnight). The babies will continue to grow at a 1 month/per day rate until they reach 3 months of age, at which point they'll be on their own and you must have chosen to keep them or let them age out of your warren.

Keeping Babies

You can view a mom's litter at any point from the moment the babies are born until they are 3 months old. Once they turn 3 months old, they will either disappear (if not kept), or if you clicked the 'Keep' button, they'll appear with your other rabbits. Make sure to pick out a name during this time if you want to rename them, otherwise you'll need an Identity Stone later on!

Litter Sizes

As a doe becomes more experienced, she will become able to raise more viable kits in each litter. The minimum number is always 1 kit, but the maximum number of kits she can have depends on her level. You can view how many in the Level Guide.
You can also increase the number of kits in your litters overall with an Upgrade from the Credit Store.


Babies will inherit colors and color genetics from their parents, and pose (if the parents are of different poses, each baby may be one or the other). They will also inherit an aptitude stat based on that of their parents, they will not inhertit, however, Spirit Markings nor Chimerism.
Chimerism has a chance to appear on one of kits, but it is a very rare chance and parents don't contribute to the chances.

Color Genetics

Warrenz has similar genetics to real life rabbits, but there are a few differences. You can learn all about genetics with the Genetics Guide