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Character Contest Guide

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Character Contests

The Character Contest, which runs once every week, is a great way to show off your rabbits. Only level 80+ accounts can vote for winners, but anyone can enter! If you win, your rabbit will be featured in the news, and you'll also get some nice prizes.


There are two types of winners in the character contest. First, the overall winner with the most votes. Secondly, there will be runner-ups for each pose entered in the contest (excluding the pose of the overall winner). So each pose will have its own winner in addition to the top voted rabbit.
All winners are determined by number of votes. In the case of a tie, the rabbit with greater exp will win.


The overall winner will get:
- 10,000 pts + 100 for every opponent vote + 300 for every rabbit entered.
- 3,000 rabbit exp + 100 for every opponent vote + 50 for every rabbit entered.
- 500 account exp + 5 for every opponent vote + 5 for every rabbit entered.
- +1 count towards a badge.
- Featured in the news.

The runner-up winners will get:
- 5,000 pts + 300 for every rabbit of the same pose entered.
- 1,000 rabbit exp + 50 for every rabbit of the same pose entered.
- 100 account exp + 5 for every rabbit of the same pose entered.
- +1 count towards a badge.


Rabbits who are entered will compete in the upcoming contest. The next contest will start as soon as the old one is judged. You can enter as many rabbits as you'd like, though keep in mind that all of the rabbits you enter with the same pose will be competing against each other as runner-ups, and all rabbits will compete for overall winner.

How to Win

For best odds of winning, enter a rabbit who you think stands out and whom others will want to vote for. If you'd like, you can ask your friends to vote for your rabbit and post in the advertising section of the forums or chat.