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HTML is a very easy to learn coding language to make your forum posts, rabbit bios and user profiles stand out.
It can be used to add links, images, bolding the text and a lot more!
HTML uses tags, which go inbetween these symbols '<>' like so:
<Example> Extra Stuff Here </Example>
But some of the tags don't need to be closed Like so:
<br> - Will jump a space
Keep in mind that while HTML uses ("), in Warrenz we have to use (') or else your code will break.

Here are the different tags you can use in Warrenz.

Font Effects

Making Text Bold

This is a bold text
<b>This is a bold text</b>

Making Text Italic

This is an italic text
<i>This is an italic text</i>

Making Text Underlined

This text is underlined
<u>This text is underlined</u>

Making a strike over text

This text has a strike through it
<s>This text has a strike through it</s>

Making Text Centered

This text is not centered
This Text is centered

<center> This Text is centered </center>

Coloring your text: Names

This text is red
<font color='red'> This Text is red </font>

Coloring your text: Hex

This text is red
<font color='#FF0000'> This Text is red </font>

Changing the size of the text

This text is small
This text is huge
<font size='1'> This Text is small </font>
<font size='6'>This Text is huge</font>

Making text superscripted

This text is superscripted
<sup>This text is superscripted</sup>

Making text subscripted

This text is subscripted
<sub>This text is subscripted</sub>

Highlighted Text

This Text is highlighted
<mark>This Text is highlighted</mark>

Highlighted Text more colors

This Text is highlighted
This Text is highlighted
<mark style='background:YOUR COLOR'>This Text is highlighted</mark>

Spaces and Paragraphs

Jumping a line

This is a line of text.
This is another line of text.
This is a line of text.<br>
This is another line of text.

Making a paragraph

This is a paragraph

This is another paragraph

<p>This is a paragraph</p>
<p>This is another paragraph</p>


Adding an on-site link

This takes me to Warrenz.net
<a href='/index'>
This takes me to Warrenz.net</a>

Adding an offsite link

This takes me to Leporidae
<a href='https://leporidae.org/'>
This takes me to Leporidae</a>

Adding a link to an image

<a href='LINK URL'>
<img src='IMG URL'></a>


Adding an image

<img src='IMG URL'>

Adding a link to an image

<a href='LINK URL'>
<img src='IMG URL'></a>

Adding a hover over text

<img src='IMG URL'
title='YOUR TEXT'>

Resizing Images: Pixels

Will not Scale According to Screen Size
<img src='IMG URL'

Resizing Images: Percentages

WIll Scale According to Screen Size
<img src='IMG URL'


Making a List

  • One
  • Two
  • Three


Bullet list to images

  • One
  • Two
  • Three

<ul style='list-style-image: url(/img/warrenzlogo.png);'><li>One<li>Two<li>Three</ul>


Nyooming Text

NYOOOOOOOOOOOOOM - If you are on Firefox this may be choppy btw
<marquee>Your Text Here</marquee>


This Text has a pre-made box around it

<q>Your Text</q>


Do not click hereWhy did you click?
By the way, you can add things in here.
Like a box

<details><summary>Click Text</summary>Spoiler Itself</details>

Adding a Divider


Color Codes

Red | #FF0000
Orange | #FFA500
Yellow | #FFFF00
Green | #00FF00
Cyan | #00FFFF
Blue | #000FF
Magenta | #FF00FF
Pink | #FFC0CB

Maroon | #800000
Brown | #964B00
Olive | #808000
Emerald | #008000
Teal | #008080
Navy | #000080
Purple | #800080

White | #FFFFFF
Silver | #C0C0C0
Grey | #808080
Black | #000000