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Rabbit Selling Guide

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Selling Rabbits

On Warrenz, there are several ways you can sell your rabbits to make some points and share your prettiest buns! The first and most obvious way to go about it is to decide a price and click the 'Sell' button from your rabbit's profile page. Leave the reserved box empty to sell your rabbit to the general public, anyone of a level equal to or greater than your rabbit's level will be able to buy them. This will list your rabbit as being for sale to other players at the price you gave. You will be notified when the rabbit is sold.

Reserving Rabbits

If you would like your rabbit to be for sale only for a specific person, type their account ID into the reserved ID box. If done correctly, you'll see a green message stating that the rabbit is reserved for that player you chose.
To undo a reserve, simply relist your rabbit for sale by leaving the reserve box blank and clicking the sell button again (make sure to set the sales price to 0 as well if you do not want the rabbit to be sold). To change the reserve, simply redo it with the new ID and it will replace the old one.


Rabbits can be auctioned off to the highest bidder at Auction Hollows. This may be a good option if you're not sure what price to list your rabbit at, since bidders will come up with the price for you. You can still decide a starting bid and minimum increment based on your own guesses, though. You can also decide how long your auction will run for. Bidders must be of an equal or greater than the rabbit being listed to bid on them.


All methods above are for selling your rabbits to other players. But how do you get the word out that you're selling? If your rabbit is for sale, other players can find your rabbit with the search page by checking the for sale box. If you're not in a hurry, somebody may find and buy your rabbit this way. If you want to do some extra advertising, though, you can post in the Advertisement Forums. You can also advertise your for sale rabbits in the advertising section of our Discord (see the icon on the lower righthand side of the screen).

Reversion Seeds

As mentioned above, only players of a level equal to or greater than your rabbit will be able to purchase it. If you want your rabbit to be available to everyone, consider giving them a Reversion Seeds. These little seeds will revert your rabbit back to level 1 and low stats so even the lowest level player can buy or bid on them.


Seekers are a way to sell rabbits to NPCs who ask for specific types of rabbits (colors, personalities, poses, etc.). Can you meet their criteria? You can get paid quite well for these depending on what they asked for. There is a separate Seekers Guide just for this.