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Character Contest Withdrawl

2020-05-15 07:43:28

A new option has been added to the character contest it will allow you to withdraw an entry.

This only works if you are the owner of the rabbit that was entered, and if the contest is upcoming (entrants that are already being voted on cannot be withdrawn during the week of voting).

Contest Winner

2020-05-14 00:27:09

SignificantHumor won the Character Contest against 142 other rabbits! Their owner received 56200 pts, 1390 account exp, and 13700 rabbit exp.

Rabbit Level Restriction

2020-05-09 11:28:34

An update has been made to allow lower level players to purchase higher level rabbits. Instead of restricting the ability to purchase a rabbit who is of a higher level than your account, the higher level rabbit will be reverted to your account level upon purchase.

This applied to player purchases as well as Forseken Burrows.

If the rabbit's level is the same or lower than the buyer's account level, nothing will happen.

Wilddot Marking Pack

2020-05-08 13:15:45

New Wilddot markings have been added!

Faster Forage

2020-05-07 10:46:34

The tunnel-wide forage has been updated to be twice as fast! Instead of having to click through each tunnel 4 times, you now only need to click through them twice. We more than doubled the odds of finding items with each click to avoid lowering the feature's item output.

This update is being done to reuce strain on players with hand issues or time constraints, and to reduce the load on the server (especially during high traffic periods such as event months).

Contest Winner

2020-05-07 00:27:12

♥ KeplersHeart won the Character Contest against 195 other rabbits! Their owner received 71700 pts, 1635 account exp, and 15950 rabbit exp.

Contest Winner

2020-04-30 00:27:15

PaintKitten won the Character Contest against 68 other rabbits! Their owner received 35000 pts, 1070 account exp, and 11000 rabbit exp.


2020-04-29 10:40:42

Flasks have been updated, including a fix to a bug with the Fading Flask.
In addition to the bug fix, the Fullcolor Flasks and Fading Flasks will now apply the clr and cclr genes to rabbits they are used on.
This is done because the flasks don't effect rabbits without these genes so it now applies the genes needed for the flask to work.

Midpose Inheritance

2020-04-28 10:18:44

A lot of new features have been added to Warrenz! With it, we are preparing for a new category of mid poses (crosses between common poses and special rare poses like the Unibun).

The Lionhead pose (#11) is currently the only mid pose that exists on Warrenz (we will be adding more later).

Going forward with our plans to add more mid poses, the inheritance of this new pose category has been updated. Both parents must be a special pose to produce them (as of any breeding conceived after this point) or the parents must both be the mid-pose. In other words, breeding to a common posed rabbit will result in common posed litters.

Lionhead x Lionhead = 100% Lionhead
Lionhead x Sitting Buck = 100% Sitting Buck
Unibun x Unibun = 100% Lionhead (unless Unibun got rolled).
Unibun x Sitting Buck = 100% Sitting Buck unless Unibun got rolled.
Unibun x Skvader = 50% Lionhead, 50% Skvader mid pose unless Skvader got rolled

Character Contest Update

2020-04-24 16:47:26

The Character Contest has received a small update to the entry section, which is now split up into poses and shows a picture of the rabbit you have entered for each pose.

Since entering more than one rabbit has no benefit (and actually hurts your chances of winning), we've eliminated the option (both to prevent accidental entries, and to reduce spammed entries).

Ej Poll

2020-04-24 11:58:03

There is a new poll regarding Harlequin rabbits and the Ej gene. Take a look and vote to let staff know your opinions on what to do with Ej (which currently has no effects).

Contest Winner

2020-04-23 00:27:10

VerySticky won the Character Contest against 68 other rabbits! Their owner received 35600 pts, 1100 account exp, and 11600 rabbit exp.

Marking Packs

2020-04-18 11:14:24

The first Marking Pack has been released! New Fade markings are now available for poses 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 11, 17, 46, 199, and 500.

Marking Packs are a new way that we will be releasing markings in the future. When a marking pack gets release, it means that new markings (of that type) have been added and can be found in explore or obtained with stones and cores through the Crystal Cave.

Hidden Mod Shrooms

2020-04-17 13:04:22

Hidden Mod Shrooms have been temporarily disabled due to causing glitchted rabbits.

Please don't intentionally create glitch rabbits, as we're trying to prevent bugs. Thank you!

Hidden Mod Shrooms will be back when this issue has been fixed.

Contest Winner

2020-04-16 00:27:17

HogSkiesQuake won the Character Contest against 105 other rabbits! Their owner received 44400 pts, 1170 account exp, and 11150 rabbit exp.

Forsaken Burrows

2020-04-15 10:32:11

The Forsaken Burrows (as well as the Overcrowded Burrows) now shows whether a rabbit has any treasures without the need of looking at their profile! So if you like to browse the FB or OB, this can now be a means of finding items.

Or, if you're feeling generous, you can donate items to other players through the FB/OB this way.

Along with this new method of sending and receiving items, the initial base cost of adding treasures to rabbits has been lowered from 500 pts to 100 pts (to facilitate the exchange of items through the treasures feature).

Rare Eggs

2020-04-11 11:21:49

The ability to find Split Eggs and Mystery Eggs have been removed from the site due to staff needing more time to test and implement the new 'super rare' rarity category.

This new rarity category needs to be adjusted more and will be ready next year when these eggs will be rereleased.

If you acquired either of these eggs, you can still use them. The items themselves haven't been removed and still function as intended. The only thing we are removing (for now) is the method of obtaining them—until we can finish adjusting it.

Contest Winner

2020-04-09 00:27:08

DayLily won the Character Contest against 26 other rabbits! Their owner received 20800 pts, 780 account exp, and 7300 rabbit exp.

Color Names

2020-04-08 20:10:07

We've been making major fixes to color names accross the site. If you find any color name related bugs (or want to make any suggestions), this is a good time to do it as we are working towards finishing up the color naming system so it won't need to be changed as much in the future.


2020-04-08 08:39:19

Staff are nw offering overlays for glitched rabbits. Players with glitched rabbits are NOT required to get overlays, but they are now an option (see the thread for details).

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