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Donations & Credit Store

2019-02-21 16:39:32

There is an update to the credit store where you can buy some extra nifty things for your rabbits and account including credits to points exchange, username changes, upgrades, and fancy items.

There is also now a donate button for anyone who may like to donate to the site. There's a new set of badges to go with donations, which can be turned in for points (these stack, so you'll get all badges below and equal to total donations).

Credit store purchases and donations are used to fund Warrenz, paying for code, art, maintenance, and the server. Thank you to our contributers!

Kindling is back!

2019-02-21 14:51:03

The new kindling system is up and running. If you find any issues, let us know in the help or bugs area!

Kindle System Update

2019-02-21 13:23:52

The Kindling System has been mostly recoded and is still being tested. We want to make sure to get a little more testing in before it's used, since this is such a major recode.

The biggest update is that there will be a breedable stat! It will work similarly to the stat total on Leporidae. You'll be able to breed it higher and higher, and even increase it through battling, so you don't have to replace your favorite rabbits. A level training cap will still apply, though.

The 'new' stat will be a more important version of the Intellect stat, which is being renamed the 'Aptitude' stat to better reflect its purpose. It retains all of the benefits of the formerly named intellect stat, plus more than will be added later.

Other updates:
1. Kits will age 1 month per day similar to other sites like Leporidae, so you'll always know what time to expect them to age.
2. Given the above, all rabbits on the site now have an age. Does can start breeding at adulthood, bucks at young adulthood, and kits will leave home at 3 months (juveniles).
3. Selling kits will be added later, we're prepping the new system for it.

Delete Rabbits

2019-02-19 17:56:54

For those who have a lot of excess rabbits that you want to remove, but don't want to send to the Forsaken Burrows, you can now permanently delete rabbits from your settings page.

You can also use this to delete just one rabbit, too.

Kindle System Recode

2019-02-19 14:03:18

Hello, everyone!
This is a heads up that we are going to be completely revamping Warrenz' kindle system. The latest work that was done on it didn't turn out to work as well as we'd hoped, it really needs more work.

The feature will need to go down for a couple of days because it is such a large feature and we want to put a lot more into it. We're going to be putting a lot of focus on revamping it with all of the player suggestions in mind.

Thank you all for your patience!

Energy Restore

2019-02-18 12:57:12

You can now restore your rabbit's energy in battle by using fruits, vegetables, and berries.
The items that now do this (rather than restoring health) are: Bananas, Grapes, Cherries, Strawberries, Asparagus, Coconut, Apple, and Cabbage.

7 Day Upgrades

2019-02-17 11:18:55

Due to the updates with the Kindle system, upgraded accounts now have room for a whopping 500 rabbits!

Also due to the Kindling update, all current accounts have been given 7 days of a free upgrade. This is to help with dealing with all the extra kits that were conceived right before the update.

Level Cap 170

2019-02-16 14:48:01

The level cap is now 170, and a new pose in the level 170 area!
There are also 3 new mission rabbits available for a limit time on the admin account here.

Own the Mission Rabbits

2019-02-11 17:59:42

The rabbits who send you on missions can be owned by players now. They are currently for sale on the Admin account

These are special rabbits who cannot die or be altered. Their image, name, gender, scars, and personalities can't be changed, since they're considered game required NPCs. They also can't die and will not be deleted if they wind up in the Forsaken Burrows. Otherwise, they're like normal rabbits—you can level them up, give them skills, train them, forage, and have them kindle litters. They don't do anything special that other rabbits can't, owning one just means you have an exclussively obtainable rabbit with a low ID. Although not likely, there is a chance that the Warrenz Admins may alter their appearance or other unchangable feature at some point to fit any game changes (if needed).

Once sold, their new owners may or may nor want to resell them, and they may or may not wind up on an inactive account in the future, so this is a limited sale if anyone wants them.

Kits Included in Limits

2019-02-10 16:36:47

This hasn't happened yet, but this is a heads up that on the 15th, we're going to start including kits in the rabbit limits.

The reason we want to do this is so we can increase the limits more and you can decide whether you want to use that space for adult rabbits instead, rather than only having that space available for potential kits.

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