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Referral System

2019-08-14 22:22:10

You can now get rewards for referring new players! These come in the form of Referral Giftboxes, which you'll receive any time someone you referred purchases credits.

Referral Giftboxes contain valuable items such as DNA, rare shrooms, and cores.

You can get your referral link and start referring people by going to your settings page.

Palm Skvaders

2019-08-14 22:17:50

Pose #16 now comes in Palms markings. Thank you, sleepless for volunteering to do these.

sleepless has an art gallery here that you can check out!

Another Day, Another Jay

2019-08-14 09:35:23

Pose #5 now comes in Jay markings. Thank you, Alledowaya for volunteering to do these.

Alledowaya has an art gallery here that you can check out!

Jay & Palms

2019-08-14 03:09:40

Pose #6 now comes in Palms markings, and #15 in Palms. Thank you, Epipen for volunteering to do these!


2019-08-14 02:59:59

Pose #12 now comes in Jay markings. Thank you, Ghost for volunteering to do these.

$claimername has an art gallery here that you can check out!


2019-08-13 15:12:46

The Fuzzy Lop pose now comes in Jay markings. Thank you, Ghost for volunteering to do these!

Ghost's Deviantart page can be found here.

Crystal Cave Colors

2019-08-11 06:50:00

The transform items in the Crystal Cave will now work on special colors (like Palms and Jays) if the pose comes in them. It will only prevent previews and use on rabbits that are of a color that the transformation pose doesn't come in.

Wilder + Special Color Update

2019-08-09 18:50:56

We've updated the special colors such as Wilder, Wildenglish, Palms, and Jays. This update also effects the stars on Skvaders.

You can now use Shadow of a Doubt on any rabbit with these special markings. If the marking doesn't come in every pose, you simply won't have the option to select the unavailable poses.

Breeding has also been recoded for these coloes and is much simpler. If your rabbit inherits a special marking that their pose doesn't come in, they simply won't have it (no reverting to a different pose like in the previous code).

Wildjay is now available in two more poses. These poses are not obtainable in explore right now, but Lunar will sell a few that can be bred and you'll be able to obtain them later with an item.

Demo Snowflakes

2019-08-08 13:28:35

As a thank you to everyone who's been patient with us while updating the rabbit images, we sent out Golden Snowflakes even though the update ended up not effecting current rabbits.

These are demo versions of the Golden Snowflake. They work exactly the same, but are bound to your account.

These went out to every account over 100 exp and the number of snowflakes given is based on account level/exp.

Get Your Rabbits Updated

2019-08-08 12:54:34

Hello again! It seems our new system is working great!

All rabbits should rettain their old images. However, if you want them updated, check out this thead.

Image Updates

2019-08-08 08:31:39

It looks like the support for going forward with image updates is overwhelming, even though it may change some preexisting rabbits on the site. Thank you everyone for your feedback.

As a last ditch effort, we're trying one more time to get the old rabbit images to stay the same while being updated for new rabbits. So right now, we have the old system still set for rabbits ID 573337 and below, and the new system is in place for rabbits above ID 573337.

The main trouble here was getting modifier-changing items to work correctly with both old and new image systems simultaneously. Let us know in the bug reports forum if you have any issues.

If keeping the old rabbits the same ends up being impossible, we'll go forward with the updates to all rabbits accross the site.

The Snowflake Guide has been updated to the new system. It also has a link to the old guide for rabbits below the cutoff ID (will be removed if we have to update all rabbits).

Thank you all for your help and patience!

Contest Winner

2019-08-08 00:27:02

BreakClip won the Character Contest against 33 other rabbits! Their owner received 22400 pts, 790 account exp, and 7150 rabbit exp.

Color Modifier Updates

2019-08-06 23:29:43

We are currently working on adding new modifiers in preparation for new snowflakes, cores, and the ability to change colors more easily.

We've been very careful to not change the colors of pre-existing rabbits. However, there are a few improvements we could make to the system that would require a possible color change on some preexisting rabbits. Mainly, this would effect chimeras, Skvaders Fullcolor rabbits, and rabbits with colored eyes (eyec).

See here for details and discussion.

If players don't want any changes, we'll revert the rabbits back to their original state. We'll be basing the consesus off of posts in the thread above!

Spirit Shroom

2019-08-05 13:25:05

There's a new mushroom that grows only near the Spirit Tree. When given to a parent with spirit markings, it will allow for a chance for their offspring to be born with spirit markings.

Hidden Modifiers

2019-08-03 05:16:26

We recently cleaned up a minor behind the scenes issue for the hidden modifiers that control colors and patterns. This shouldn't cause any changes to features or rabbits on Warrenz, but let us know in the Bug Reports forum if you experience any odd effects so we can fix them right away.

Our database had the wrong number labels on modifier values (hidden mod 3 was actually hidden mod 2 in the database, 2 = 5, etc.) which made it difficult for admins to do anything with them, but this should be fixed for us now.

Contest Winner

2019-08-01 00:27:02

BidingSpear won the Character Contest against 52 other rabbits! Their owner received 27100 pts, 835 account exp, and 7100 rabbit exp.

August Event

2019-07-31 09:13:11

A special event is coming up! A new area, Meteor Lake, will be unlocked during the month of August. You'll be able to find a special creature here.

Meanwhile, there's a new item in the credit shop that can turn a bunny into this new creature. You can get it early or wait until midnight when the event will start. This item, although rare, will be findable in the new area during August.

Profile Editing

2019-07-25 00:40:55

You can now add your own custom text to your profile! Check out this new option on the settings page.

Contest Winner

2019-07-25 00:27:02

Favor won the Character Contest against 46 other rabbits! Their owner received 27400 pts, 910 account exp, and 8900 rabbit exp.

Seeker Badges

2019-07-22 11:39:46

There's a new line of Seeker badges that you can claim.

Counters were added to Warrenz months ago, so if you've been sending rabbits off to the seekers before this point, you might already have some points towards these badges!

|< . 1 . . 2 . . 3 . . 4 . . 5 . . 6 . . 7 . . 8 . . 9 . . 10 . . 11 . . 12 . . 13 . . 14 . . 15 . . 16 . . 17 . . 18 . . 19 . . 20 . . 21 . . 22 . . (23) . . 24 . . 25 . . 26 . . 27 . . 28 . . 29 . >|