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Marking Update

2019-11-27 21:45:16

We have made a large update to markings that may resolve many (if not all) silhuoette issues.

Silhuoettes are placeholders for 'broken images' in the new layer system. They occur typically when a marking doesn't exist for a pose. For example, if tiger stripes artwork doesn't exist for the ear scratch pose and you have an ear scratch rabbit with tiger stripes, they will show up as a silhuoette. Or if you have a rabbit with spirit marking variation #6, but the pose doesn't have a #6 spirit marking.

We now have a system in place that will 'revert' non-existent markings to ones that exist, allowing rabbits to render an image regardless. If tiger stripes cannot be found, it will render the bunny without tiger stripes. If spirit marking #6 can't be found, it will revert to a spirit mark that can be found.

This update only effects image rendering. It does not effect your rabbits' data. So if a rabbit has a tiger stripes that don't render because they don't exist, the moment they DO exist (presumably in a site update where we add the new marking), you'll be able to update your rabbit. Any alteration to your rabbit's image will trigger an update to their image, so you'll be able to see the new markings. Or, if you prefer to keep them the same way, you can change the markings with cores or remove them altogether.

New Creature

2019-11-27 16:54:00

There is a new creature coming to the new event area this December!

If you'd like to get an early glimpse at it, it is being released a couple days early at the site store and Crystal Cave using a Jackalope Antler.

The reason for this pre-release is because we are especially busy lately on reworking the layer system, but we also don't want to miss out on having something fun for December! You can look forward to finding these new creatures in the upcoming event area, similar to other event exclussives.

Agouti Core

2019-11-26 10:37:48

There is a new core called the Agouti Core, which will allow you to alter the markings of wild agoutis and tiger stripes.

Staff have sent out cores to current players, which you can use to edit your rabbits' markings.

All rabbits with wild agouti markings or tiger stripes have had their data updated to the new marking system, so these will no longer be determined by hidden modifiers.

Using the Agouti Core, you can now edit the opacity of the agouti layers similar to how you can change opacity on mosaic and chimera layers (a brand new feature brought to us by the new layer system).

What are wild agouti markings?

Wild agouti markings are (were) the dark parts of wilds, which mimic agouti patterns. These markings are cut out of the brown mid-layer on agouti rabbits, showing the base color underneathe.

There are two layers of agouti markings.

Layer 1: These go under the otter and wild (light) markings. In both old and new system, this includes the wild agouti markings that were found on Wilds. Will not effect full extension self or tan pattern (or rabbits with only wild(light) marks) rabbits that do not have a mid brown or wild (light) layer, since there's nothing for it to cut into.

Layer 2: These go OVER otter or wild (light) markings. Tiger stripes is on this layer. (Note that Harlequins are also on this layer, and will be transitioned to the new system soon as well). These can effect tan pattern rabbits or rabbits with only wild (light) marks, since this layer (unlike layer #1) cuts into those as well, but will NOT show on full extension self rabbits with no layers for it to cut into.

What to expect now?

We have converted these markings on all rabbits accross the site. This could cause bugs, but nothing we can't fix. We are still working on transitioning everything to the new system, from rabbits to site code and everything in between. This is a pretty massive update that ties in with the other marking updates we have been adding lately. We will continue to take time as we remove bugs and work on new code to switch Warrenz over to this new and more versatile marking system so that it will have all the same features as before. Here are the other parts that we are working on adding (ore re-adding) soon:

- Wild English stones and other (brand new) wild stones will be added.

- The wild Flake, which will work like the Spirit Flake (and work within Golden Flake).

- The Agouti Flake, like above.

- Reintroduction of wild agouti markings into the explore rabbits. Currently, these are not in explore yet (they should be in the breeding, though).

- Wild agouti stones for adding and removing wild agouti markings, and re-introduction of the new tiger stripes stone functionality (it will add tiger stripes like before, but in the new system).

- Tending to color names. This is something that is best done after the new system is in place, so we will be reworking it and fixing color names after we work out other kinks.
- Fixing broken image (the black silhouette rabbits) accross the site. If you want to report any broken or failed images, feel free to do so in the bug reports forum. Either way, we will be going through as many rabbits as we find to have bugs and fixing them.

As a final note for those curious about how this effects Wild DNA: Right now, the only thing Wild DNA does is add a mid brown layer. This brown layer is solid (unlike the agouti (A) gene layer). Wild markings are now (or will be) completely switched over to be added with stones instead of the gene, so we may or may not have a purpose for this gene in the future. There are two possibilities:

A. Wild agouti stones will cause the solid mid brown layer on full extension self automatically, thus eliminating the need for Wild DNA (since you can't put agouti markings on full extension self, this would not take away any functionality and make things easier by removing the expensive middle step of the Wild DNA).

B. Wild DNA will continue to be used for the solid mid layer.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask staff in our Discord or on the forums.

Thank you everyone for being patient as we move forward! We're very excited for all the prospects the new system brings! Right now, we are working through the basics and the hard brunt work, but once we finish this part, we'll be able to focus on reaping all the benefits of the new system (we have a lot of very cool markings planned).

Jay, Skunk, Palms

2019-11-25 13:45:51

Jay, Skunk, and Palm stones can be used again. Unlike in the previous system, these can also all be previewed at the same time (along with other markings).

We have also made a few bug fixes to the new system and are still working on the transition for the wild markings.

Legacy Rabbits

2019-11-24 17:54:15

Due to the new layer system, we're able to convert old ID rabbits into the new system. You can now give them tiger and harlequin markings.

There is no longer a legacy file being used for older rabbits, so legacy rabbits are essentially no longer a thing.

We will be able to apply future markings to older ID rabbits without issues.

If any of your rabbits did not convert properly (if they look different from what they should), feel free to post in the bug forum and we'll fix them right up.

Feedback Needed

2019-11-22 15:00:38

Hello everyone! We are in need of feedback on some recent layout adjustments to prevent the former page stretching issues around the site.

There are a few things staff are putting on hold until we can find out whether the layout adjustments we made are good to go, or if they need to be reworked.

Please let us know whether the layout adjustment works for you or causes any issues in this poll (and if causes issues, let us know in a reply so we can fix it).

Thank you all for your feedback.

Kindling Back Up

2019-11-21 19:05:44

The kindling feature is back up and running. It was down previously due to a 'kit limbo' bug that caused kits to be listed with outliers on the Warrens page. We've gone through the feature throroughly during the downtime to diagnose and fix the problem, and believe it has now been fixed.

If you encounter any problems, let us know in the bug reports forum.

Contest Winner

2019-11-21 00:27:05

WiggleEbony won the Character Contest against 103 other rabbits! Their owner received 43500 pts, 1145 account exp, and 10750 rabbit exp.


2019-11-20 13:21:02

You can now edit the saturation of a marking using Wild or Spirit cores.

Forage Items List

2019-11-19 23:12:12

You can now view a list of foraging items by location in the foraging guide.

This list is automatically up-to-date to ensure that it will always be correct.


2019-11-19 17:47:56

There is a new Wild Stone! It's called Wildfade and will give your rabbits faded wild markings.

They can be found in Fogwood. We have also sent some of these stones out to players, since fade type markings have been on the site before.

We are still working on transitioning all the wild markings to their respective stones and getting the system fully in place.

Color names will be given a revamp soon after we finish updating the system. If you have any incorrect color names, not to worry! These will be fixed later.

Marking Stones

2019-11-19 10:18:19

New marking stones have been added! These can be used to give a rabbit wild markings. The Wild Legs, Wild Body, Wild Tail, Wild Eyes, Wild Ears, and Wild Nose sets have been added to explore and forage. Many have been sent to players directly from staff.>br>
You can also get a Removal Stone in Quickbuy.

If you don't see certain markings you expect to find in a set, it's because we have more marking stones on the way! We are also working on:

- Wild Flakes for randomization

- The new marking stones and revival of Palms, Jays, and other stones.

- Fixing rabbit images.

- The saturation slider.

Use Wild Cores

2019-11-19 08:26:23

The Wild Cores that were given out yesterday can now be used.

We're still working on switching the system over. The following will be coming soon:

- Wild stones (and the return of Skunk, Palms, etc. stones).

- Wild Flakes for random changes.

- Saturation slider.

- Wild markings on explore rabbits.

- Image fixes on rabbits that didn't convert properly.

Wild Core

2019-11-18 14:50:48

There's a new item on the site called Wild Core. This item will allow you to easily swap between wild markings on rabbits! We have also converted all rabbits on the site (both low and high IDs) to the new wild layer system (which these cores will work with).

This is part one of a two-part update,. You currently cannot use the cors, but will be able to on the next update. This first part was the conversion of rabbits. Some may not have converted exactly as they were supposed to, but have no fear! All will be easy to edit using the cores (just like you can with spirit markings), including both sides of chimeras. So if any of your rabbits look different, they'll be easy to change back.

All players on the site have received quite a few cores, which you'll be able to use soon.

There will also be new options for editing the wild markings that Warrenz has never had before.

Wild markings are also not appearing in explore, this will come with the next update.

Wild markings will receive their own snowflake soon as well, so you can randomize them separately.

More to come soon.

Spirit Flake

2019-11-17 16:22:29

Spirit Flakes have been added to the Spirit Tree! These will randomize the variation and colors of Spirit markings.

These will be added to the Golden Flake soon.

Crystal Cave

2019-11-16 15:48:01

You can now preview Spirit markings in the Crystal Cave. To do this, select a single rabbit you wish to view. You will see a set of possible markings with checkboxes (a rabbit can have up to 2).

Note that chimeras have double the amount of possible spirit markings (since each marking goes on half the rabbit). If you select two markings to add, you'll wind up with 4 once they get applied.

You can apply the markings either by fighting predators in the Spirit Tree or using the credit option.

ToS Update

2019-11-16 15:18:42

The Terms of Service age restrictions rules have been updated to reflect the legal status of age consent in various countries.

Two Spirits

2019-11-15 16:47:48

You can now get 2 Spirit markings from fighting predators (one each time). You can also edit two markings at once with the same core.

If you have a chimera, they'll get a marking for each side.

Remove Spirit Markings

2019-11-15 07:45:55

You can now remove Spirit Markings directly from the Crystal Cave. You will still need to give a Skull to the Resurrection Spirit, but it's conveniently available as an additional option.

This will also come in handy later as we plan on adding the ability to get additional spirit markings on a single rabbit. Using the Crystal Cave, you will be able to select which markings you wish to remove (unlike on the Resurrection Spirit page, which will remove all spirit markings at once).

Contest Winner

2019-11-14 00:27:03

LightWhisp won the Character Contest against 103 other rabbits! Their owner received 42700 pts, 1105 account exp, and 9950 rabbit exp.

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