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2019-10-01 05:13:37

The new pose comes in Skunk and Jay markings thanks to Ghost for volunteering.

Ghost has an art gallery here that you can check out!

Another thank you to Fission for doing the English markings.

And finally, thank you to CarrotCube for doing a lot of the standard colors, including the Wild markings.

CarrotCube has an art gallery here that you can check out!

Trick or Treat!

2019-09-30 17:52:02

Trick or Treat! Smell my lucky rabbit feet.

The October event is here! We'll be starting a few hours early this year (in the future, the event will begin at midnight sharp).

During the month of October, you'll be able to Trick or Treat on player profiles (excluding your own). Players who are level 30+ are trick-or-treatable. Players of higher levels will give you more items, and some of the items you can get depend on the player you're trick or treating (so you may not the same items everywhere).

You can trick or treat each player's profile once a day, and there's a small randomized cooldown period between trick or treating. Have fun, everyone!

New Pose

2019-09-30 15:41:18

There's a new bunny pose on Warrenz! You can find them throughout the explore areas, and use Shadow of a Doubt to get them.

In unrelated news, we're also ramping up for a special Trick or Treating event that will be active some time tonight.

Edit All Bios

2019-09-26 12:44:15

To go along with the latest update, you can now accessed a new 'Edit All Bios' page from your rabbits page.

Rabbit Locking

2019-09-26 11:47:30

Have a rabbit you love and never want to lose or change?

We've added multiple locking options with a new feature that will bring a lot more control into your Warrenz life! Using your rabbit's bio section, you can now add secret hidden codes to prevent rabbits from being sold, altered, etc. These codes will only be viewable by you, so they won't affect your rabbit's bio/info.

You can learn about bio codes in this new guide.

Contest Winner

2019-09-26 00:27:02

Garro won the Character Contest against 27 other rabbits! Their owner received 21100 pts, 785 account exp, and 7350 rabbit exp.

Explore Layout

2019-09-24 09:40:38

In order to make room for more areas in the future, the Explore page has gotten an update. Instead of a link to Find Rabbits, you can now just click the area icon itself. This will open up the 'Find Rabbits' link for that area.

The Missions and Forage have also been converted to icons you can click on so they take up less space.

The explore areas have been split up into two sections with special unlock areas at the top. and level unlock areas underneathe to make navigation easier (especially for newbies).

The biggest update that will give us a lot more room for more explore areas is that the extra features have been moved off the explore page. When we added the Plaza not too long ago, we put most of them there. This includes dailies, shops, rabbit training, Seekers, the Character Contest, and now Forsaken Burrows and Auction Hollows which you can get to from the Plaza.

Minor areas like Overcrowded Burrows (which is an extension of the Forsaken Burrows) can be found attached to the places they're associated with. For example Overcrowded Burrows can be accessed from the Forsaken Burrows for example, the Resurrection Spirit can be accessed from the Rainbow Bridge, etc. (since we plan on adding more features to the Plaza, we want to make sure the more important/main stuff goes there).

We have a lot of plans for Warrenz and want to make sure we have enough room to put everything without forcing a lot of scrolling, and we want to keep the site simple and easy to navigate for both older players and newbies. If you have any feedback or suggestions, let us know in the Suggestion Forum!

Rabbit Limits

2019-09-22 12:19:41

We now have more space on Warrenz. Rabbit limits have been increased and kits have been removed from the rabbit limits (we made some precautions to be sure we have space for this now!).

Contest Winner

2019-09-19 00:27:02

RushWon won the Character Contest against 39 other rabbits! Their owner received 24000 pts, 810 account exp, and 7250 rabbit exp.

Rabbit Images

2019-09-14 05:29:24

Rabbit images are now stored as individual files! Rather than being processed by the generator each time you view them, they are now saved and reused (so no more having to wait for them to load).

You can view images with the new link, https://www.warrenz.net/img/rabbits/RABBITID.png, by putting your rabbit's ID where it says 'RABBITID.' Any rabbit who doesn't have an image will generate one the first time it's viewed. Images are also regenerated any time changes are made to a rabbit's appearance (such as getting a scar, changing a gene, changing pose, getting a snowflake, etc.).

Since your bunnies will be loading very quickly now, there's a new option in the Account Settings where you can increase the number of rabbits viewed per page.

We'll have more updates later. For now, we're making sure everything transitions correctly.

Contest Winner

2019-09-12 00:27:02

Eternity won the Character Contest against 31 other rabbits! Their owner received 21300 pts, 755 account exp, and 6550 rabbit exp.

New Layout

2019-09-05 07:51:48

There's a new layout! This one is Winter themed and has a mainly white background (for those who had trouble with the darker backgrounds). Thank you CarrotCube this beautiful new layout!

The Spirit Grotto also has been moved into the Crystal Cave where you can now preview spirit markings (even if you aren't upgraded). You'll still need an upgrade to access the Spirit Tree, though.

Contest Winner

2019-09-05 00:27:04

Thorn won the Character Contest against 42 other rabbits! Their owner received 25500 pts, 855 account exp, and 8000 rabbit exp.


2019-09-03 11:02:12

There's a new herb you can find in some of the cooler areas like Snowhill and Snow Shed (along with the herb shop). It's Dill, a rather hardy herb that prefers cooler climates.

Herbs allow you to heal health during a challenge.

Credit Shop

2019-09-03 10:23:26

Lunar here. The credit shop is back open. You can now purchase credits again.
This was closed as a precaution because of hurricane Dorian. I didn't want to risk outages getting in the way of applying credits. This is no longer an issue, though. Everything is back up.

Credit Store Downtime

2019-09-01 06:54:15

The Credit Store is scheduled for downtime. We'll be taking the page down at some point today. If you want to purchase credits, we you should get those purchased before the downtime!

We're expected to have the credit store back up and running by the middle or end of the week.


2019-08-31 15:04:16

The new creatures now come in Palms markings. Thank you, Ryrima for volunteering to do these.

Ryrima has an art gallery here that you can check out!

Pose #14 also now comes in Palms markings. Thank you, Cocoa for volunteering to do these!


2019-08-30 13:07:11

A new creature is out and prowling in the Swamp, as some of you may have already discovered! Thank you to CarrotCube for doing Wild markings, Arsen for Skunks and Jays, Astro for the Spirits, and Shiba for English!

Pose #5 now also comes in Palms markings, and #9 comes in Jay. Thank you, Cocoa for volunteering to do these!

Contest Winner

2019-08-29 00:27:02

DayWanderer won the Character Contest against 29 other rabbits! Their owner received 21500 pts, 785 account exp, and 7250 rabbit exp.

September Event

2019-08-28 19:00:29

The Swamp is now open, and the September event is starting!

We know it's not quite September yet, but we're opening this event a few days early this year.

There's an unusual creature lurking about in the Swamp, so... uh... keep your eyes peeled.

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