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190 Level Cap

2019-03-19 14:49:32

The cap has been raised to 190, and with it, there's a new area!

Due to the badges exp update, there are a few users who are being jumped to level 190. This is due to exp that was already earned from claiming badges.

EXP From Badges

2019-03-19 03:04:47

Badges will now give experience when claimed! This way you can now level up as you complete goals and collect badges.

All previously claimed badges have been alloted the proper amount of exp to players who have them. Anyone who has claimed badges in the past may notice that your exp bar or level has gone up (if you've collected a lot of badges, the level up might be significant).


2019-03-18 20:43:10

For players level 20+, there's a new feature that's been added to the Rocky Pass called 'Seekers.'

Seekers are NPC warrens that are in search of specific types of rabbits. You can send your rabbits to them if they meet the criteria, and in turn earn points and account experience.

Like missions, seekers are refreshed daily.

Overcrowded Burrows

2019-03-14 11:52:54

You can now access the Overcrowded Burrows starting at level 5, which is an extension of the Forsaken Burrows. The Overcrowded Burrows has lower prices than the Forsaken Burrows.

Random Bonuses

2019-03-14 11:00:35

For players level 60 and players level 140, there are two additional features you can use on a daily basis called Rabbit Bonus and Account Bonus.

These will give you (once a day) a random bonus for either a selected rabbit or your account. The bonuses can be small, such as 50 exp, 100 pts, or +3 health boost. There is also a chance they could be very big, such as 500 exp, 10,000 pts, or +10 attack. You never know unil you try!

The rabbit bonus area is available at level 60 in Snowhill, and the Account Bonus area is available at level 140 in Grassy Hills.


2019-03-13 23:35:20

Warrenz now has a bank where you can store your points, transfer points (or credits), and collect daily interest.

The bank can be accessed from the sidebar where your current points amount is listed.

Character Contest

2019-03-10 11:48:42

Character Contests are open! These contests, which will run weekly from now on, will be a good way to show off your rabbits and win prizes. You can enter as many rabbits as you'd like. They will compete in the next week's contest.

In addition to being features in the news, contest winners can win over 10,000 pts, 3,000 rabbit exp, and 1,000 account exp. There's also a new set of badges you can claim for winning multiple times. Check the guide for further information.

Real Time Chat

2019-03-08 14:36:21

You can now use a real time chat option through discord on Warrenz. You can use it by clicking on the Discord logo icon that's now on the lower righthand side of the screen.

Colorful Effect

2019-03-04 18:37:35

There's a new Colorful gradient effect that you can get sometimes. It happens about every 1/30 colorful rabbits.

If you have a rabbit who now has a gradient when they didn't previously and want it removed, let us know in the forums.

Heads Up

2019-02-23 10:50:13

This is a heads up that this is the final day of the 7-day free upgrade that was given to some players.

The upgrade was given due to an overabundance of rabbits because we hadn't yet added the mass deletion feature.

Upgrades provide an extra 500 spaces for rabbits, so if you don't plan on renewing it, we recommend making sure that you won't go over non-uograded limits.

You can find out what the non-upgraded limit is by subtracting 500 from your current allowed space, or by checking the level guide.

If you go over your rabbit limit, you won't be able to breed, buy, or otherwise acquire more rabbits.

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