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Kindling Back Up

2019-11-21 19:05:44

The kindling feature is back up and running. It was down previously due to a 'kit limbo' bug that caused kits to be listed with outliers on the Warrens page. We've gone through the feature throroughly during the downtime to diagnose and fix the problem, and believe it has now been fixed.

If you encounter any problems, let us know in the bug reports forum.

Contest Winner

2019-11-21 00:27:05

WiggleEbony won the Character Contest against 103 other rabbits! Their owner received 43500 pts, 1145 account exp, and 10750 rabbit exp.


2019-11-20 13:21:02

You can now edit the saturation of a marking using Wild or Spirit cores.

Forage Items List

2019-11-19 23:12:12

You can now view a list of foraging items by location in the foraging guide.

This list is automatically up-to-date to ensure that it will always be correct.


2019-11-19 17:47:56

There is a new Wild Stone! It's called Wildfade and will give your rabbits faded wild markings.

They can be found in Fogwood. We have also sent some of these stones out to players, since fade type markings have been on the site before.

We are still working on transitioning all the wild markings to their respective stones and getting the system fully in place.

Color names will be given a revamp soon after we finish updating the system. If you have any incorrect color names, not to worry! These will be fixed later.

Marking Stones

2019-11-19 10:18:19

New marking stones have been added! These can be used to give a rabbit wild markings. The Wild Legs, Wild Body, Wild Tail, Wild Eyes, Wild Ears, and Wild Nose sets have been added to explore and forage. Many have been sent to players directly from staff.>br>
You can also get a Removal Stone in Quickbuy.

If you don't see certain markings you expect to find in a set, it's because we have more marking stones on the way! We are also working on:

- Wild Flakes for randomization

- The new marking stones and revival of Palms, Jays, and other stones.

- Fixing rabbit images.

- The saturation slider.

Use Wild Cores

2019-11-19 08:26:23

The Wild Cores that were given out yesterday can now be used.

We're still working on switching the system over. The following will be coming soon:

- Wild stones (and the return of Skunk, Palms, etc. stones).

- Wild Flakes for random changes.

- Saturation slider.

- Wild markings on explore rabbits.

- Image fixes on rabbits that didn't convert properly.

Wild Core

2019-11-18 14:50:48

There's a new item on the site called Wild Core. This item will allow you to easily swap between wild markings on rabbits! We have also converted all rabbits on the site (both low and high IDs) to the new wild layer system (which these cores will work with).

This is part one of a two-part update,. You currently cannot use the cors, but will be able to on the next update. This first part was the conversion of rabbits. Some may not have converted exactly as they were supposed to, but have no fear! All will be easy to edit using the cores (just like you can with spirit markings), including both sides of chimeras. So if any of your rabbits look different, they'll be easy to change back.

All players on the site have received quite a few cores, which you'll be able to use soon.

There will also be new options for editing the wild markings that Warrenz has never had before.

Wild markings are also not appearing in explore, this will come with the next update.

Wild markings will receive their own snowflake soon as well, so you can randomize them separately.

More to come soon.

Spirit Flake

2019-11-17 16:22:29

Spirit Flakes have been added to the Spirit Tree! These will randomize the variation and colors of Spirit markings.

These will be added to the Golden Flake soon.

Crystal Cave

2019-11-16 15:48:01

You can now preview Spirit markings in the Crystal Cave. To do this, select a single rabbit you wish to view. You will see a set of possible markings with checkboxes (a rabbit can have up to 2).

Note that chimeras have double the amount of possible spirit markings (since each marking goes on half the rabbit). If you select two markings to add, you'll wind up with 4 once they get applied.

You can apply the markings either by fighting predators in the Spirit Tree or using the credit option.

ToS Update

2019-11-16 15:18:42

The Terms of Service age restrictions rules have been updated to reflect the legal status of age consent in various countries.

Two Spirits

2019-11-15 16:47:48

You can now get 2 Spirit markings from fighting predators (one each time). You can also edit two markings at once with the same core.

If you have a chimera, they'll get a marking for each side.

Remove Spirit Markings

2019-11-15 07:45:55

You can now remove Spirit Markings directly from the Crystal Cave. You will still need to give a Skull to the Resurrection Spirit, but it's conveniently available as an additional option.

This will also come in handy later as we plan on adding the ability to get additional spirit markings on a single rabbit. Using the Crystal Cave, you will be able to select which markings you wish to remove (unlike on the Resurrection Spirit page, which will remove all spirit markings at once).

Contest Winner

2019-11-14 00:27:03

LightWhisp won the Character Contest against 103 other rabbits! Their owner received 42700 pts, 1105 account exp, and 9950 rabbit exp.

Spirit Update

2019-11-13 18:43:12

It's finally here! Spirits have been updated into our new system. You can now easily switch between markings and manage variation and colors of spirits using Spirit Cores at the Crystal Cave.

With this uopdate, a bran new opacity setting has been added! Also, there is a much wider range of colors and brightness.

The system doesn't retain Lightspirit and Darkspirit in color names, but the tradeoff is that there is an unlimited range from lightness to dark now (which can be obtained with a Spirit Core).

Another new feature is the ability to have two different marking variations on a chimera (or Mosaic), instead of just possible color changes. Both sides have their own individual settings.

All rabbits on the site had to be converted. We tried to match them as close as possible, but just in case some rabbits don't match up with their updated versions, we've sent out lots of Spirit Cores (the number you received is based on your level).

If anyone encounters any issues with the new spirits (and the still new chimeras/mosaics), let us know in the bug reports forum. This system is a big rehaul from the old one, and we want to make sure everyone gets switched over as smoothly as possible.


2019-11-13 06:16:22

Kindling is going back down for maintenance due to persistent bugs. We'll work on bringing it back as soon as we can.

Chimeric Opacity

2019-11-13 05:13:35

You can now change the opacity (transparency) of your rabbits' chimeric markings using the Chimera Core.

Core Update

2019-11-12 12:15:56

The cores have been given an artwork update, and the new chimera marking-changer item has been added as a core.

If you don't see the updated images, you can clear your cache and that will update them.


2019-11-11 11:13:55

Mosaic and Chimera masks have been updated to work with the new system! The old system relied heavily on randomization, whereas the new one allows for greater control over genes, modifiers, and the markings themselves on chimeras/mosaics. So the Mosaic Masks now apply a fixed pattern (which you can alter with the chimera marking changing item), and hidden modifiers will be copied from your rabbit's mainmodifiers (which can be changed with chimera snowflakes). The chimera side genes will be set to aa BB CC DD EE enen VV (a black rabbit) unless you select split DNA at the same time.


2019-11-11 10:20:27

With the addition of almost double the amount of color-changing items we used to have, the formerly named 'Gems & Genes' shop has been split into three different shops.

DNA Mart - unlocked at level 100, this shop stocks strictly DNA items (no snowflakes or crystals) and is tied to the Townside lore-wise as this is a busy human area!

Gem Shop - This shop is tied to the Mystic Grove lore-wise, being that it contains natural color-changing items like crystals and snowflakes. It's unlocked at level 110 accordingly.

Chimera Market - This is a special new shop that has the chimeric versions of Snowflakes, Crystals, and DNA (which are no longer cluttering up the other shops). It can be unlocked by finding a chimera. This is a new feature that tracks when chimeras are found. We did not previously record this information, so anyone who currently has a chimera on the site (regardless of how they were obtained) should have access to this shop. In the future, though, you will only get access gto the shop after finding your own chimera/mosaic (either through breeding or explore).

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