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Contest Winner

2020-01-30 00:27:10

VigorBee won the Character Contest against 87 other rabbits! Their owner received 36400 pts, 950 account exp, and 7650 rabbit exp.

Chimera & Star Update

2020-01-23 03:55:41

Skvader Stars have now been moved into the new system where they're treated as a marking under the new 'special' marking category.

We have more special markings planned, but for now, this marking category is only for Skvader Stars, which are layered above everything else on a rabbit's image (including shading, which makes them different from the spirit marking category).

Skvader Stars can be edited (hue, saturation, brightness, and opacity adjusted) with Spirit Cores and removed with Removal Stones (rather than using another Skvader Star). These items may change later, we're still working on the system.

All rabbits that currently had Skvader Stars should be converted to having the new marking data. If you have any issues with this, feel free to let us know in the Bug Forum.

The reason these have been moved over is to add more versatility (more editing options), save on resources (we will no longer have to maintain legacy code), and because the Special marking category is needed for planned features that are also in the works.

In the second part of this update (unrelated to Skvader Stars), Mosaic Mask has been merged into the Chimera Mask. All Mosaic Masks that were previously on the site have been replaced by Chimera Masks.
The reason for this is that, in the old system, Chimera and Mosaic were two different things. In the new system, they are the same but have different markings. So, to prevent bugs in the system and allow for more markings and options, the Mosaic Mask is now the Chimera Mask and a new 'Chimera only' marking category has been added.

IF YOU PREVIOUSLY USED BOTH MASKS on the same rabbit before, you are elligible for a Chimera Mask from staff. Feel free to report this to staff through the Contact Us form.

You can now freely add and remove different chimeric markings including but not limited to Mosaics (as long as your rabbit is a chimera).

The Chim Split Stone can be used to add a standard Chimera split.

Chim Mosaic Stones allow you to add Mosaic markings.

Last but not least, a very special stone that has been planned for a while now. Using the new layer system's capabilities, you can now get a whole new type of Mosaic using Chim Mosaic2 Stones. These stones will grant you access to another set of Mosaic markings you can add.

Remember, the Chim Stones can only be used on a Chimera.

Chimera Mask = creates a chimera

Chim stones = adds markings

Chim core = edits chim markings

Removal Stone = removes markings

Contest Winner

2020-01-23 00:27:14

? KeplersHeart won the Character Contest against 144 other rabbits! Their owner received 54200 pts, 1270 account exp, and 11200 rabbit exp.

New Polls

2020-01-22 04:06:53

We have several new polls open for those who would like to contribute feedback!

Layout and Navigation Poll
Collectible Item Uses Poll
Event Area Pass Poll
Origin Name Stone Poll

New Name Stone

2020-01-21 16:56:11

A new name stone has been added.

The Random Name Stone will give your rabbit a new random name directly from the name generator. This does not effect the rabbit's original name, but will reroll a new name for them. You can find these new stones when foraging or challenging rabbits in some of the early areas such as Open Turf, Rock Pass, and Fogwood (see guides for all locations).

Markings Update

2020-01-21 14:32:33

A lot of the special markings such as Tigers, Skunks, and Jays have been re-added to the explore rabbits in their respective areas.

Some of the new marking stones also got this updates (Wild Fade in Fogwood, Wild Zigzag in Grasslands, and Wild Blot in Snowhill and Snow Shed).

The Wilddot Stone has also been re-added in via the City Park area.

Referral Giftbox

2020-01-21 11:20:50

For those taking advantages of the Referral Giftboxes, more items have now been added to them! They will also now give two items each, instead of one.

Blocking Feature Poll

2020-01-20 16:24:47

We are working on adding a blocking feature. This feature will allow you to block certain users from communicating with you over forums or private messages (at the very least).

We are looking for feedback on this feature through a new poll. Check it out if you'd like to leave feedback.

You can also private message staff via the contact us link at the bottom of the site page if you'd like to give private feedback.

Edit All Litters

2020-01-17 16:26:32

You can now edit all litters faster than ever on the all litters page including the new ability to set all prices, rename, keep, or send away all kits at once.

You can either select options for each kit individually and apply all changes at once, or select a change to be applied to all kits at once.


2020-01-17 13:11:40

There is a new biocode, [nospirit], which will prevent a rabbit from receiving Spirit Marks from a predator battle.

This new code has also been added to the [superlock] code. [superlock] will now prevent a rabbit from getting Spirit Marks from predator battles.

These do not effect the ability to edit or remove Spirit marks. It's meant to allow any rabbit to fight predators without being marked.

For those who may not know, we also redid the edit all bios page! Bio codes should be much easier to add and remove on this page, now.

Contest Winner

2020-01-16 00:27:08

ZipBloom won the Character Contest against 51 other rabbits! Their owner received 28700 pts, 925 account exp, and 8950 rabbit exp.

Human Foot

2020-01-15 15:02:05

Fot those who have a Human Foot item, they now increase the odds of finding rabbits with items in explore! You will see a message indicating which items were found because of the Human Foot—this means that no item would have been found otherwise.

Shrooms Update

2020-01-15 12:02:41

The Split Shroom and rare species shrooms have been recoded to produce better odds off conceiving rare offspring.

Staff have sent out some of each to every player on the site so you guys can catch up with some more rare bunnies and help us test the site!

Thank you all for your feedback.

Note: Items are sent out based on account level in order to prevent multiaccount exploitation.

Challenge Guide

2020-01-14 17:24:44

You can now see which items can be found from challenges in the challenge guide.

This guide uses the same code the challenges use to match items with locations, so it will automatically update if there are ever any changes.

In order to make the guide possible, we had to do a recode of the challenge items, so we re-arranged a few of the items and rarities in the process. As a result, some item locations and rarities may have changed.

Player Suggestions

2020-01-14 14:12:20

Three player suggestions have been newly taken!

1. Improvement to Tunnels

You can now remove a rabbit from his or her burrow on their tunnel’s page. This option is located alongside the ‘move to tunnel’ and ‘set/unset’ outliers options, so you can select multiple rabbits and remove them all at once.

2. View Kits

You can now view a rabbit’s offspring by clicking on the ‘View Kits’ link from their profile.

3. Point Sink

The old Point Sink feature has made a return! You can now access it from the Plaza.

Contest Winner

2020-01-09 00:27:11

HarleyQuinn won the Character Contest against 62 other rabbits! Their owner received 28800 pts, 820 account exp, and 6300 rabbit exp.

Contest Winner

2020-01-02 00:27:10

StarGaze won the Character Contest against 85 other rabbits! Their owner received 35700 pts, 935 account exp, and 7450 rabbit exp.

Jackalope Antlers

2019-12-28 07:35:56

The December event is nearing a close! With that, so does our first year of development on Warrenz. We’re still working on a lot of the site’s core features and content, including the numbers for rare species drops. While we work on figuring this out for the next event, staff have sent out some Jackalope Antlers to players. The number received depends on your account level.

Have a happy holidays!

Contest Winner

2019-12-26 00:28:01

OwlDuped won the Character Contest against 71 other rabbits! Their owner received 33200 pts, 950 account exp, and 8450 rabbit exp.


2019-12-23 14:13:20

Warrenz is going to have an email newsletter, which will showcase some of the latest site news on Warrenz! This will be sent out every 3 months.

If you don't want to receive the newsletter, you can opt out of it in your settings or contact us to request removal.

Our Privacy Policy has been updated in the Terms of Service to include this information.

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