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New Pose

2019-04-16 19:54:42

There's a new pose on Warrenz! You can find them in various areas starting with the Cityside Park. They can also be found at the Spirit Tree and in the April Garden.

Preview Specs

2019-04-13 17:30:41

There's a new credit item that allows you to preview the rabbits found in explore. Preview Specs will last for half an hour and will stack if multiples are used.

They can come in handy for chimera hunting, or searching for other nice colored rabbits. They do not affect odds of finding certain rabbits, but they allow you to view all three images without clicking on sillhuopettes. Thank you, CarrotCube, for doing the Wilds, Spirits, and English (TBA) for these!

Explore Recode

2019-04-13 13:50:07

The 'Find Rabbits' feature has been given a complete recode! You can now find rabbits without worrying that they will disappear if someone else finds them first. Unlike in the previous system, this new explore will generate a new rabbit any time you find one (so no one else can find your rabbit).

Another major difference between the two systems is that the old one involved the use of premade rabbits from the database. The new one has no premades, so there is a much greater variety of genetics and other factors in the rabbits you will be able to find in each area.

Basic Forage

2019-04-12 15:15:01

There is a new default foraging ability that any rabbit can use, including ones who don't have any foraging skills. It has the same effectiveness as Sniff Around and is called Basic Forage.

Blue Snowflake

2019-04-11 18:46:48

There is a new Snowflake that can be found alongside the others! Details have been added to the Snowflake Guide.

Clubs & Warrens

2019-04-11 09:54:13

This is a heads up that, now that we have predators moved, the old warrens feature is being converted into a club's feature.

The 'Warren' link on the sidebar goes to your tunnels instead of the clubs feature, and the Rabbits link has been restored to just going to your rabbits.

We're going to be working on lots of bug fixes, improevements for tunnels/warrens, and bunny organization today! Thank you all for your patience and input!

Contest Winner

2019-04-11 00:27:03

Stargaze won the Character Contest against 38 other rabbits! Their owner received 24000 pts, 820 account exp, and 7500 rabbit exp.


2019-04-10 04:47:55


Lots of improvements have been made to the tunnels! We have also switched Predators over to Player-based Warrens.

#1. Sorting

You can sort the rabbits in your tunnels in a multitude of ways by using the sorting options on the main tunnels page.

#2. Move Rabbits Between Tunnels

In addition to the Move Rabbits page, you can also move rabbits between tunnels on each tunnel page.

#3. Leader Rabbit

You can choose your leader rabbit for each tunnel on the tunnel pages. This rabbit will be the one who leads a tunnel into action if a predator is spotted.

#4. Predators

Thanks to tunnels, you can now choose which 20 rabbits will be used in a predator battle and, if needed, you can easily switch between different groups of 20 by setting up multiple tunnels.

Heterochromia Bug

2019-04-09 20:03:30

Just a heads up, we're going to be fixing a bug that causes heterochromia in rabbits who do not have eyec.

Right now, the only legit heterochromia rabbits have it because of the eyec allele, which causes colorful eyes.

If you have a vienna or dilute (or had one before) that had heterochromia, it's a bug that we're going to fix.

However, since so many rabbits are effected, we're going to re-add heterochromia so it's not a bug. Take note of any rabbits you want to keep this on after the bug fix so you can get it back (we'll offer to give it back to any rabbits listed after the bug fix if they had been effected).

Warrens Merge

2019-04-08 23:45:47

We're preparing to merge warrens with player groups. No longer will your warren by a separate entity from your group! This will add a lot of opportunity to rabbit groups, warrens, and overall site features as we expand on the tunnels and burrows feature. Here's a few things to look enjoy and forward to:

- Your group of rabbits, aka your account, will be an official warren rather than just a random 'group' of rabbits.

- All warren burrows are being refunded to player accounts. After you receive your refund, you will still be able to use your warren burrows until we finish transferring the predator features over to account-based warrens.

- You can now kindle any buck/doe who has a burrow in your group (i.e. your warren per the merged system).

- You will be able to decide which rabbits fight predators and which ones don't.

- You'll be able to reduce the number of rabbits who appear in other dropdowns (if this is an issue for you).

- Sorting in tunnels will be added soon.

- Banners will still used on player profiles.

- The Warrens feature will be switched to clubs where you can continue to use them with their forums and other features in the future (which will focus more on club-like activities for players).

- There will be special perks for rabbits in the merged warren system, such as training bonuses and lots of cool stuff that we have planned (which were planned for the warrens originally, but will be made easier to implement after the merge).

- Other customizations are planned.


2019-04-08 13:59:50

Tunnels have been added to the Rabbits page. They're a new feature that's designed to allow you to custom sort your rabbits (if you choose to).

You can create tunnels on the bottom of the rabbits page. Each tunnel can contain as many burrows as you need (one burrow per rabbit). Burrows can be created on the page for each tunnel. You can also rename a tunnel on that page.

From the Tunnels page, you can go to a new area called 'Move Rabbits' that allows you to shuffle your rabbits easily between tunnels and burrows.

Rabbits who are not in a tunnel will be listed as 'Outliers.'

This feature is a massive implementation, and there's a lot of plans we have for it! But we're moving slowly to make sure everything is good and functional. Please report to the Bugs forum if you find anything that isn't acting right!

Things that will come later:

- Ability to decide the 'Tunnel Leader' (rabbit who represents each tunnel).

- Other players easily viewing your tunnels.

- Warren tunnels.

- Burrow and tunnel customizations.

Shading Details

2019-04-06 17:59:44

More details have been added to the shading on rabbits.


2019-04-05 18:44:22

Chimerism is now in the game. The mutation has a chance to randomly appear in kindled litters or found in explore rabbits.

It is an extremely rare mutation that is very likely never to occur even with a lot of searching. You may be able to buy one from another player if and when they are ever put up for sale.

The first chimera to be sold off is the Mission rabbit shown above, FurLass, who was used to test and create the chimera mutation. She'll be in the Auction Hollows.

Artist on Board

2019-04-04 10:01:49

We've had a recent addition to the staff team. Give a hardy welcome to CarrotCube! CarrotCube has helped with a lot of the wild markings.

Contest Winner

2019-04-04 00:27:02

Prismatic won the Character Contest against 33 other rabbits! Their owner received 24700 pts, 905 account exp, and 9450 rabbit exp.

April Garden

2019-03-31 21:49:19

Warrenz's first seasonal event is on the way! Starting at midnight (Warrenz time), the April Garden will be unlocked. You'll be able to forage from eggs, which can give you all sorts of prizes!

The April Garden will be available throughout the month of April and will be an ongoing annual event in the future.


2019-03-28 22:16:47

With the popularity of the SNowflake, we've released a whole batch of Snowflakes!

Yellow, Red, Green, and Purple Snowflakes have the same abilities as a Special Snowflake, but each one randomizes a specific single modifier (instead of all of them at once). These can be found (along with the new and delightful Snotflake can be found in snowy areas.

The Golden Snowflake is a credit item that, unlike other snowflakes, provides unlimited sets of previews to choose from. You can set it to keep certain modifiers untouched or edit any combination of them for any given rabbit (you can also view as many rabbit as you'd like before using it).


2019-03-28 14:42:37

For upgraded players, there's an exclussive area where you can find many unique and colorful rabbits including those who have been marked by a Spirit.

The Spirit can also be found in this area and will mark the leading rabbit of a warren who defeats it.

Contest Winner

2019-03-28 00:27:04

♥ KeplersHeart won the Character Contest against 22 other rabbits! Their owner received 20600 pts, 810 account exp, and 8100 rabbit exp.

Auction Hollows

2019-03-27 16:34:41

The Forsaken Burrows has a new extension called Auction Hollows! Here, you can auction off your rabbits or place bids on other auctions.

Happy bidding!

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