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Contest Winner

2019-04-04 00:27:02

Prismatic won the Character Contest against 33 other rabbits! Their owner received 24700 pts, 905 account exp, and 9450 rabbit exp.

April Garden

2019-03-31 21:49:19

Warrenz's first seasonal event is on the way! Starting at midnight (Warrenz time), the April Garden will be unlocked. You'll be able to forage from eggs, which can give you all sorts of prizes!

The April Garden will be available throughout the month of April and will be an ongoing annual event in the future.


2019-03-28 22:16:47

With the popularity of the SNowflake, we've released a whole batch of Snowflakes!

Yellow, Red, Green, and Purple Snowflakes have the same abilities as a Special Snowflake, but each one randomizes a specific single modifier (instead of all of them at once). These can be found (along with the new and delightful Snotflake can be found in snowy areas.

The Golden Snowflake is a credit item that, unlike other snowflakes, provides unlimited sets of previews to choose from. You can set it to keep certain modifiers untouched or edit any combination of them for any given rabbit (you can also view as many rabbit as you'd like before using it).


2019-03-28 14:42:37

For upgraded players, there's an exclussive area where you can find many unique and colorful rabbits including those who have been marked by a Spirit.

The Spirit can also be found in this area and will mark the leading rabbit of a warren who defeats it.

Contest Winner

2019-03-28 00:27:04

♥ KeplersHeart won the Character Contest against 22 other rabbits! Their owner received 20600 pts, 810 account exp, and 8100 rabbit exp.

Auction Hollows

2019-03-27 16:34:41

The Forsaken Burrows has a new extension called Auction Hollows! Here, you can auction off your rabbits or place bids on other auctions.

Happy bidding!

Soulful Pond

2019-03-26 21:38:23

A new area has been released for players at level 200 or above. You can find rabbits with special eye colors there with the eyec allele. In rare instances (about 1/100), the eyec allele can cause heterochromia.

Item Images

2019-03-23 21:37:41

Thanks to theverdanthare (who does beautiful work, by the way), we now have our own images for the Oregano, Coriander, Parsley, and Rose items!

The old ones were stock photos, so they had to be replaced. If you want to see the new ones but are still seeing the old ones, clear your cache and refresh the page. The lovely new art should show up.

Level Cap 1,000

2019-03-20 18:01:47

Sounds a little crazy, doesn't it? After some planning and preparation, we've set it up so that the level cap can be much higher and no longer tied to new features, so you progress much further along without hitting the ceiling quite so early (for those who have capped out).

We'll continue to add new areas and other fun things, but they will no longer accompany a level cap adjustment.

Keep in mind, that, if you are of a very high level, there may not be as many features designed to specifically benefit your level range. Continuing to level up after a certain point is simply a player option now.


2019-03-19 15:30:54

We're in the process of adding a new allele called 'wild' which has many different patterns that resemble otter and agouti markings.

This is an early release! These rabbits are now available in explore and will spawn in various places. However, we are not completely finished with them, so for now, they can't be bred or have their poses changed. The breeding and pose change restrictions will be lifted in April (when we expect to have them all done).

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