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New Pose

2020-02-18 13:11:00

A new pose is now available! You can find rabbits in this pose in various later level areas starting at the Park. You can also transform rabbits into this pose using Shadow of a Doubt.

Heart Treat Bags

2020-02-18 09:41:58

Due to a bug that may have affected the Heart Treat Bags (which has now been addressed and resolved), we've sent out a replacement for every Heart Treat Bag that was won.

If you won any Heart Treat Bags from challenger rabbits, you should now have some new ones in your den.

Contest Winner

2020-02-13 00:27:07

MineGorse won the Character Contest against 78 other rabbits! Their owner received 34600 pts, 950 account exp, and 8100 rabbit exp.

February Mini Event

2020-02-11 13:09:36

The February mini event has started! With it, a new area is now available to all players which will be available for the rest of February. This area will also make a return each year from now on. Bear in mind that this event is very small and is not intended to be a fully fledged event. We plan on adding more to it next year.

The staff are currently focussing heavily on bug fixes and making the site more user-friendly, especially in regards to the Crystal Cave. This currently takes priority over events, but we do have some content for you guys to enjoy in the meantime!

There are 3+ new items you can get from this area. One of those items is the Wildheart Stone, which will allow you to put heart-shaped markings on bunnies! Keep in mind, not every pose has heart markings available, but our art team has come out with lots of never before seen heart markings in preparation for this month!

If you have a chimera, this stone will add a heart marking to each side and you can remove one if desired.

The two other items we'll leave as a surprise for now.

A new pose is also coming soon. This is not a special event pose and you will be able to find them year-round.

Cores & Stones

2020-02-10 10:06:56

An update has been made to some of the color changing items.

All items (such as stones, cores, and Skvader Stars) that are used to either edit or add markings are affected.

When adding new markings or editing markings in the crystal cave, an item was previously needed for each individual marking edit/addition. For example, changing the hue of two different Wild markings would use up 2 Wild Cores. Likewise, if you wanted to add 3 different Wild Ear markings, that would require 3 Wildear Stones.

We have changed the requirements on this to now only use up one item at a time. You can now edit multiple Wild markings with the use of one Wild Core. Or you can add 3 different Wild Ear markings with the use of one Wildear Stone.

If you're editing or adding different things (that require different types of items), you'll still need the other items. For example, if you want to edit 5 Wild Markings and 3 Spirit markings, you will need 1 Wild Core and 1 Spirit Core.


2020-02-09 08:27:18

There is a new poll regarding level restrictions for the crystal cave. Let us know your opinion.

Missing Agouti Markings

2020-02-09 08:03:18

Many rabbits have been discovered to have missing agouti markings due to a bug. These markings have been fixed.

This may cause rabbits to get markings they didn't 'appear' to have previously. These can be removed with a Removal Stone if they aren't wanted.


2020-02-06 15:26:50

Welcome to our two new Moderators, Chibale and Ghost!

They'll be helping around on the site, enforcing the ToS, and assisting the Admins with site development.

Thank you both for joining.

Glitch Colored Rabbits

2020-02-06 15:23:27

As of this update, we are attempting to remove the possibility of obtaining glitch colored rabbits. The Fullcolor and Fade Cores have been updated to have a more restricted range of values.

If anyone finds or creates new glitch colored rabbits, let us know in the bug reports forum. These are technically bugs that weren't previously causing any problems, but we've recently come to realize they pose some issues.

We are not actively removing pre-existing glitch colored rabbits.

This post is a disclaimer that glitch colored rabbits are not an intended feature. They're bugs in the image rendering system, which we have little to no control over. Staff may not be able to recreate or maintain them. We've been unable to replicate some of them due to their bugginess.

But have no fear! Due to the popularity of glitch rabbits, the staff are working on coming up with options to add legitimate glitch colors as an intended feature.

In the meantime, we're seeking to prevent more glitch bunnies from being created. Post in the forums if you discover any new ones.

Contest Winner

2020-02-06 00:27:07

Conclude won the Character Contest against 96 other rabbits! Their owner received 40700 pts, 1075 account exp, and 9700 rabbit exp.

Staff Applications Open

2020-02-05 10:32:21

Staff applications are now open! See here for information on applying.

Warrenz is currently still in development, so we are currently seeking a couple of different volunteer positions, especially Moderators who may be interested in helping with image and other bug fixes before the site launches.

Images Fixes

2020-02-03 08:10:32

For those interested in knowing more about the image fixes, this update is for you! If you're not interested in knowing more about these, you can skip this update.

Why did images break

The rabbit images were re-rendered a few days ago. Warrenz' program that creates images based on your rabbit's genes, markings, etc. had a free for all and re-wrote all the images in one day. This had no effect on most rabbits, except ones that have incorrect data (genes, markings, chimerism, etc.).

A few months ago, we added markings to our layer system and rearranged a lot of data to make it possible. In this process, we wrote conversion scripts to switch the data over for everyone's pre-existing rabbits. Each marking needed to have its own script. Most of it was seamless, but there's a couple things that didn't convert properly—which we're seeing now in rabbits who re-rendered their images incorrectly.

For example, the Wild Stripe marking on pose #5 specifically didn't convert properly, so we're fixing some pose #5 rabbits who are missing stripes.

Some spirit markings and Skvader Stars also didn't get the proper coloring converted. There were also a few chimeras that needed help.

If you ever had any rabbits who's Crystal Cave image didn't match their profile image, that's is the same thing we're fixing. We've been fixing these leftover conversion bugs for a while, the only change is that all rabbits on the site had their images re-rendered.

Don't you have backup images?

We have backup images for a lot of these rabbits. A lot of rabbits have been given image-changing items and things that wouldn't be in the back ups, though, so we're fixing the data for the rabbits and not just their images. That way they will always show up correctly in the Crystal Cave, and if their images ever get re-rendered again, they will render correctly.

When are the images being fixed?

Staff are currently going through and fixing all reported rabbits. This process may take some time, but it's currently a top priority. Feel free to post as many as you'd like in the forums.

Wll this happen again?

This should not happen again. This issue comes from recent major changes to the layer system and how earlt Warrenz is in development. We had to recode some things and move data around. Some rabbits didn't get converted all the way. We have no plans to make any more major changes like this to the layer system.

February Mini-event Postpone

2020-02-02 10:03:10

This is a heads up to any users who recall hearing about a February mini event.

In light of eecent bugs and other issues, we're postponing this month's event. It may not happen this year, but we will have the content ready for next year!

Image Fixes

2020-01-30 13:12:45

To anyone effected, there was a bug recently (within the last couple days) that caused images to be re-rendered. Any rabbits who were not properly converted when we added the layer system may have been re-rendered incorrectly as a result. Please post in the bvug reports forum if you are effected by this. We will be working on bug fixes and manual fixes to all effected rabbits that are posted.

If you have a LARGE NUMBER of effected rabbits, feel free to move them all into a tunnel with a broad statement. We have backups of images and may be able to restore them without any information, but some of them, staff may need to ask for more details.

This was a result of Warrenz being in early development. In the future, after full release, Warrenz will no longer be getting core feature updates that could disrupt images. We are currfently working on coming up with a complete release date.

Contest Winner

2020-01-30 00:27:10

VigorBee won the Character Contest against 87 other rabbits! Their owner received 36400 pts, 950 account exp, and 7650 rabbit exp.

Chimera & Star Update

2020-01-23 03:55:41

Skvader Stars have now been moved into the new system where they're treated as a marking under the new 'special' marking category.

We have more special markings planned, but for now, this marking category is only for Skvader Stars, which are layered above everything else on a rabbit's image (including shading, which makes them different from the spirit marking category).

Skvader Stars can be edited (hue, saturation, brightness, and opacity adjusted) with Spirit Cores and removed with Removal Stones (rather than using another Skvader Star). These items may change later, we're still working on the system.

All rabbits that currently had Skvader Stars should be converted to having the new marking data. If you have any issues with this, feel free to let us know in the Bug Forum.

The reason these have been moved over is to add more versatility (more editing options), save on resources (we will no longer have to maintain legacy code), and because the Special marking category is needed for planned features that are also in the works.

In the second part of this update (unrelated to Skvader Stars), Mosaic Mask has been merged into the Chimera Mask. All Mosaic Masks that were previously on the site have been replaced by Chimera Masks.
The reason for this is that, in the old system, Chimera and Mosaic were two different things. In the new system, they are the same but have different markings. So, to prevent bugs in the system and allow for more markings and options, the Mosaic Mask is now the Chimera Mask and a new 'Chimera only' marking category has been added.

IF YOU PREVIOUSLY USED BOTH MASKS on the same rabbit before, you are elligible for a Chimera Mask from staff. Feel free to report this to staff through the Contact Us form.

You can now freely add and remove different chimeric markings including but not limited to Mosaics (as long as your rabbit is a chimera).

The Chim Split Stone can be used to add a standard Chimera split.

Chim Mosaic Stones allow you to add Mosaic markings.

Last but not least, a very special stone that has been planned for a while now. Using the new layer system's capabilities, you can now get a whole new type of Mosaic using Chim Mosaic2 Stones. These stones will grant you access to another set of Mosaic markings you can add.

Remember, the Chim Stones can only be used on a Chimera.

Chimera Mask = creates a chimera

Chim stones = adds markings

Chim core = edits chim markings

Removal Stone = removes markings

Contest Winner

2020-01-23 00:27:14

? KeplersHeart won the Character Contest against 144 other rabbits! Their owner received 54200 pts, 1270 account exp, and 11200 rabbit exp.

New Polls

2020-01-22 04:06:53

We have several new polls open for those who would like to contribute feedback!

Layout and Navigation Poll
Collectible Item Uses Poll
Event Area Pass Poll
Origin Name Stone Poll

New Name Stone

2020-01-21 16:56:11

A new name stone has been added.

The Random Name Stone will give your rabbit a new random name directly from the name generator. This does not effect the rabbit's original name, but will reroll a new name for them. You can find these new stones when foraging or challenging rabbits in some of the early areas such as Open Turf, Rock Pass, and Fogwood (see guides for all locations).

Markings Update

2020-01-21 14:32:33

A lot of the special markings such as Tigers, Skunks, and Jays have been re-added to the explore rabbits in their respective areas.

Some of the new marking stones also got this updates (Wild Fade in Fogwood, Wild Zigzag in Grasslands, and Wild Blot in Snowhill and Snow Shed).

The Wilddot Stone has also been re-added in via the City Park area.

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