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Wildpalms Marking Pack

2020-06-17 20:52:35

New Wildpalms markings have been added!

NameGenerator Editor

2020-06-12 12:25:18

The name generator now comes with a built-in “suggest word” feature for users.

Previously, staff took suggestions for new words through the forums, but you can now do it yourself using the Name generator editor.

New words must be approved by staff to go to into the name generator.

There is a link to this editor in the help section.

Tiger Marking Pack

2020-06-11 15:24:26

New Tiger markings have been added!

Contest Winner

2020-06-11 00:27:07

PlumHeart won the Character Contest against 245 other rabbits! Their owner received 90900 pts, 2095 account exp, and 22650 rabbit exp.

Inappropriate Name Reports

2020-06-10 16:24:04

We have made an update to the way inappropriate name reports are handled. Rather than manually censoring the names of rabbits that have been found to have an appropriate names, moderators can now reset reported rabbits with a new name that will censor the reported one.

The new name will be generated in exactly the same way names are generated elsewhere on the site (randomly) and will overwrite any custom name if a custom name has been set with the name stone (in other words, both the name and the old name will be reset, as if the rabbit had been generated for the first time).

If you find a rabbit with an inappropriate name that needs to be censored from the site, do not feel the need to waste the name stone on them. Their name will be reset by staff. You can apply a name stone after the name has been censored.

Staff will continue to adjust the name generator as needed to prevent inappropriate names from occurring.

Warrenz does not allow names that go beyond PG-13 limits, or promote abuse or hateful intent against particular groups of people.

Warrenz does allow names that are unflattering such as EatDirt, BadSmell, RelationshipFail, etc. names may be insulting, have potentially unpleasant connotations, or slight innuendos as long as they are within PG-13 limits and don’t inspire hate against real life groups of people.

If you have a rabbit with an unpleasant name that you would like to never see again, you can change and completely remove the original name in two step:
Step 1: Use a name stone to choose a new name for your rabbit.
Step 2: Use the [remoldname] bio code to make the original name hidden. This will prevent you from ever seeing the original name again. You will only see the new name that you have chosen for the rabbit.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask the staff. Thank you all for the reports!

Contest Winner

2020-06-04 00:27:14

ZipBloom won the Character Contest against 121 other rabbits! Their owner received 50000 pts, 1290 account exp, and 12750 rabbit exp.

June Event

2020-06-01 20:16:29

The June event is underway! With it, this year, there is a new species. This species can be obtained in the June event area (like Unibuns) or kindled by crossing a Unibun with a Skvader.

There is also a set of new items this year, called flags, which will allow you to change the colors of your rabbits through the crystal cave.

New palm markings were added recently. We will be releasing more marking packs later this month.

Wildtiger Marking Pack

2020-05-31 05:52:24

New Wildtiger markings have been added!

Kit Age Out Protection

2020-05-29 10:32:51

We are adding a new safeguarding measure to prevent kits from being aged out accidentally.

When you have a litter on Warrenz, kits that are not selected as keepers are automatically removed from your account. as of today, you will now get a notification for each one that is removed.

In order to prevent these notifications from spamming up your alerts, they will not be counted with the usual notification alerts. So you may not notice them, but you will now have the ability to access them in your notifications box.

These notifications will include the kits ID, original name, pose ID, and date of conception for identification purposes.

This will also help prevent the possibility of any bugs. if you ever find that a kit was aged out who shouldn’t have been, you can post it in the bug reports form.

Contest Winner

2020-05-28 00:27:08

StormFighting won the Character Contest against 148 other rabbits! Their owner received 57700 pts, 1405 account exp, and 13700 rabbit exp.

Wildpalms Marking Pack

2020-05-27 17:43:58

New Wildpalms markings have been added!

Abuse Prevention

2020-05-21 06:46:16

To prevent spamming and abuse with user submitted content, an account level restriction has been added to areas of the site that involve user content.

You must be level 10 to use Name Stones, edit bios, post on the forums, edit profile, send messages, or edit avatars.
We also removed the sort by Aptitude restriction in the rabbit search (you no longer need to be level 10 for this perk) as this is being replaced by the content spam/abuse prevention.

Be sure to report any inappropriate content found on the site.

Contest Winner

2020-05-21 00:27:10

StormRaiser won the Character Contest against 92 other rabbits! Their owner received 41300 pts, 1145 account exp, and 11300 rabbit exp.

Character Contest Withdrawl

2020-05-15 07:43:28

A new option has been added to the character contest it will allow you to withdraw an entry.

This only works if you are the owner of the rabbit that was entered, and if the contest is upcoming (entrants that are already being voted on cannot be withdrawn during the week of voting).

Contest Winner

2020-05-14 00:27:09

SignificantHumor won the Character Contest against 142 other rabbits! Their owner received 56200 pts, 1390 account exp, and 13700 rabbit exp.

Rabbit Level Restriction

2020-05-09 11:28:34

An update has been made to allow lower level players to purchase higher level rabbits. Instead of restricting the ability to purchase a rabbit who is of a higher level than your account, the higher level rabbit will be reverted to your account level upon purchase.

This applied to player purchases as well as Forseken Burrows.

If the rabbit's level is the same or lower than the buyer's account level, nothing will happen.

Wilddot Marking Pack

2020-05-08 13:15:45

New Wilddot markings have been added!

Faster Forage

2020-05-07 10:46:34

The tunnel-wide forage has been updated to be twice as fast! Instead of having to click through each tunnel 4 times, you now only need to click through them twice. We more than doubled the odds of finding items with each click to avoid lowering the feature's item output.

This update is being done to reuce strain on players with hand issues or time constraints, and to reduce the load on the server (especially during high traffic periods such as event months).

Contest Winner

2020-05-07 00:27:12

♥ KeplersHeart won the Character Contest against 195 other rabbits! Their owner received 71700 pts, 1635 account exp, and 15950 rabbit exp.

Contest Winner

2020-04-30 00:27:15

PaintKitten won the Character Contest against 68 other rabbits! Their owner received 35000 pts, 1070 account exp, and 11000 rabbit exp.

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