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Contest Winner

2019-12-12 00:27:07

DanderReed won the Character Contest against 95 other rabbits! Their owner received 43100 pts, 1205 account exp, and 12350 rabbit exp.

Sadness Filter

2019-12-06 07:06:55

Warrenz can be sad at times. For those who don't want to see sad blurbs, you can turn censorship on in your settings.

If you see any sad blurbs that manage to get through the filters, feel free to let us know in a bug report.

New Flakes

2019-12-05 12:35:34

The new flakes are out so you can now randomize markings the same way as old/current snowflakes (with the added bonus of new variations that were not possible before).

There are three different ones: Wild, Agouti, and Har. Each one can be used to randomize the markings in their respective category type.

These have not yet been added to the Golden Flake, we'll be working on integrating them in soon!

New System - Mini Guide
We are still working on completing the new marking system and fixing bugs. When we're done, we'll be able to add guides for markings/the Crystal Cave, expand on the snowflakes guide, and expand on the genetics guide for everyone who wants to know all about colors on Warrenz!

In the meantime, since we don't have the new guides set up yet, the following is a mini guide/overview of how colors and markings work on Warrenz. Read below if you feel you are in need of a colors guide or want to brush up on it.

How do colors work on Warrenz?
There are three things that all go into determining a rabbit's color. First, the genotype. All rabbits on Warrenz have a genotype that determines their 'basic' color scheme, which is loosely based off real life genetics. You could have a Black rabbit (full extension self in genetics terms), which has no color layers other than a black base. Or you could have a 'Chestnut' (full extension agouti') which has one or two layers of brown color added to look like real life brown rabbits you'd see outside. Many variations of the genotype may cause different colors. This is the color foundation that every rabbit on the site has and can be edited with DNA items (or crystals).

The next part are hidden modifiers. You may notice that not every Black rabbit is the same shade of black. Some are lighter or darker. Same with Chestnuts. These slight variations are caused by hidden values, which are randomized. You can change them with Snowflakes. Every rabbit has the a set of hidden mods.

Finally are the marking layers, which is the new system recently added to Warrenz. Prior to the updates, all markings were linked to hidden modifiers. This resulted in a purely randomized system (no way to edit markings separately since multiple markings were controlled by the same mod). We've now created new data for markings so they can be edited or randomized without limitations.

Marking Categories:

All markings fall under one of 5 categories.

Spirit - Spirit marks go over every other type of marking or color, including albinism. They have an opacity, hue, saturation, and brightness sliders.

Wild - Wild markings go over the rabbit's color layers and under albinism/white layers. They have an opacity, hue, saturation, and brightness sliders.

Agouti - Agouti marks are cut into the brown (aka 'mid) layers of a rabbit, showing the base color underneathe. It does NOT cut through wild marks, though. Has an opacity slider.

Har - Harlequin layers work just like agouti, except they also cut into wild layers (only difference).

Mosaic/Chimera - These marks determine which parts of a rabbit are affected by chimerism/mosaicism. They have an opacity slider.

Editing A Rabbit's Color

DNA/Crystals - Used to change a part of the genotype.

Stones - Adds a marking of your choice. Dark colored stones indicate wild category marks, and the light colored stones indicate agouti/har category marks.

Snowflakes - Randomizes a rabbit's color (markings or hidden mods).>

Cores - Edits a rabbit's color (markings or hidden mods).

Note: If you do not edit the sliders on markings, they will default to the color dictated by the rabbit's genotype.

More refinements coming soon.

Contest Winner

2019-12-05 00:27:10

ZipBloom won the Character Contest against 64 other rabbits! Their owner received 30200 pts, 870 account exp, and 7200 rabbit exp.

New Pose

2019-12-04 12:44:58

Another new pose is out! They can be found in any area.

New Pose

2019-12-03 13:31:31

There's a new pose!

This human-made, domesticated breed can be found in many places near humans, especially humans who keep pets or show bunnies.

Harlequins & Tigers

2019-12-02 14:59:14

Harlequin and tiger markings have now been converted into the new layering system. All rabbits accross the site have been updated.

Marking stones for tiger stripes have not been changed, other than being converted into the new system. The tiger stripes themselves have been separated into multiple layers so you can mix and match them for increased customization. Since these are now in the new system, you can also adjust opacity!

Likewise, Harlequin markings can now their opacity adjusted in the new system.

Harlequin and tiger markings have similar functionality as agouti markings, except they are layered OVER wild markings instead of under (so they will cut through the wild markings).

Similar to agouti markings, you can use agouti cores to adjust these!

The harlequin stones have been placed in Farm Town, Roadside, and Spirit Tree.

Players currently on the site has received some of the stones featured in this update.

DNA for Harlequins no longer gives markings. We are currently uncertain of the prsopects of the Harlequin DNA. Right now, it is still needed in the game. We will continue to work on figuring out whether or not these DNA will be needed (and what they will do) in the longrun after we get further along with the layer system update. Same goes for Wild DNA. If these DNA get removed from the game at all, it will be because the new layer system is capable of doing everything the same exact way on its own in a simpler way. We will NOT remove the DNA if we cannot easily replicate their purpose in the new layer system. If the DNA is removed, all players who have it will get their items replaced with something of equal value.

We're still not sure about the DNA, but want to make sure everyone knows what we're working on.

Marking removal and snowflakes are still underway.

Snowcap Stone

2019-12-02 08:32:17

There is a new event stone you can find in the current event area! These will give your rabbit a snowcap marking, similar to the markings seen on horses, that resemble snow that's fallen on the rump! (however, it can be any color).

Agouti Stones

2019-12-01 15:03:10

With the recent addition of wild agouti markings in the new layer system, we have added additional marking stones for Agouti Ears, Agouti Body, and Agouti Head markings (we've sent some of these stones out to current players, since they were an already existing feature that is being transitioned over).

You can use these stones to give unique agouti markings to your rabbits. Agouti markings are cut into the mid-layer (which is brown by default), showing the base layer underneathe. As a result, this special marking type is meant for rabbits who have the mid layer (they won't effect colors like Black (full extension self).

Although these markings were formerly associated with Wild colors, they are no longer bound to the Wild gene and can be used on other colors (as long as they have that mid layer to cut into).

You can find the new Agouti stones while foraging and fighting rabbits in certain locations. Check out the Foraging guide for details.

The Removal Stone has been updated. Instead of strictly being used for Wild markings, the Removal Stone will be usable with Agouti markings too. We have NOT added this just yet, but we are setting the Removal Stone item up for it.

Stay tuned for more updates on the new layer system, and have a happy December!

Winter Abode

2019-12-01 07:45:38

The December Event area is now open! You can find a new rare species here.

Wild Stones

2019-11-30 13:30:52

Older Wild Stones have been re-introduced into the new system, and a couple new ones have been added!

We now have Wildtiger (formerly known as the Tiger Light Stone), Wildenglish, Wildblot, and Wildzigzag stones.

Wildtiger Stones can be found in the Mystic Grove like before, Wildenglish will be available during the July event, Wildblot can be found in Snowhill, and Wildzigzag can be found in the Grasshill areas (all can be found either with foraging or fighting rabbits).

There are a still a few more wild stones to be added along with the wild flakes, and we are working on the agouti stones and other parts.

Specs Pass

2019-11-29 09:34:04

There is a new type of upgrade token that you can get for your account. It will grant you one full month of unlimited Preview Specs. This marvelous new item can be found in the site store under 'upgrades.'

New Herbs

2019-11-28 09:53:27

Four new herbs have been added to forage locations!

Contest Winner

2019-11-28 00:27:04

BackFrozen won the Character Contest against 95 other rabbits! Their owner received 39700 pts, 1035 account exp, and 8950 rabbit exp.

Marking Update

2019-11-27 21:45:16

We have made a large update to markings that may resolve many (if not all) silhuoette issues.

Silhuoettes are placeholders for 'broken images' in the new layer system. They occur typically when a marking doesn't exist for a pose. For example, if tiger stripes artwork doesn't exist for the ear scratch pose and you have an ear scratch rabbit with tiger stripes, they will show up as a silhuoette. Or if you have a rabbit with spirit marking variation #6, but the pose doesn't have a #6 spirit marking.

We now have a system in place that will 'revert' non-existent markings to ones that exist, allowing rabbits to render an image regardless. If tiger stripes cannot be found, it will render the bunny without tiger stripes. If spirit marking #6 can't be found, it will revert to a spirit mark that can be found.

This update only effects image rendering. It does not effect your rabbits' data. So if a rabbit has a tiger stripes that don't render because they don't exist, the moment they DO exist (presumably in a site update where we add the new marking), you'll be able to update your rabbit. Any alteration to your rabbit's image will trigger an update to their image, so you'll be able to see the new markings. Or, if you prefer to keep them the same way, you can change the markings with cores or remove them altogether.

New Creature

2019-11-27 16:54:00

There is a new creature coming to the new event area this December!

If you'd like to get an early glimpse at it, it is being released a couple days early at the site store and Crystal Cave using a Jackalope Antler.

The reason for this pre-release is because we are especially busy lately on reworking the layer system, but we also don't want to miss out on having something fun for December! You can look forward to finding these new creatures in the upcoming event area, similar to other event exclussives.

Agouti Core

2019-11-26 10:37:48

There is a new core called the Agouti Core, which will allow you to alter the markings of wild agoutis and tiger stripes.

Staff have sent out cores to current players, which you can use to edit your rabbits' markings.

All rabbits with wild agouti markings or tiger stripes have had their data updated to the new marking system, so these will no longer be determined by hidden modifiers.

Using the Agouti Core, you can now edit the opacity of the agouti layers similar to how you can change opacity on mosaic and chimera layers (a brand new feature brought to us by the new layer system).

What are wild agouti markings?

Wild agouti markings are (were) the dark parts of wilds, which mimic agouti patterns. These markings are cut out of the brown mid-layer on agouti rabbits, showing the base color underneathe.

There are two layers of agouti markings.

Layer 1: These go under the otter and wild (light) markings. In both old and new system, this includes the wild agouti markings that were found on Wilds. Will not effect full extension self or tan pattern (or rabbits with only wild(light) marks) rabbits that do not have a mid brown or wild (light) layer, since there's nothing for it to cut into.

Layer 2: These go OVER otter or wild (light) markings. Tiger stripes is on this layer. (Note that Harlequins are also on this layer, and will be transitioned to the new system soon as well). These can effect tan pattern rabbits or rabbits with only wild (light) marks, since this layer (unlike layer #1) cuts into those as well, but will NOT show on full extension self rabbits with no layers for it to cut into.

What to expect now?

We have converted these markings on all rabbits accross the site. This could cause bugs, but nothing we can't fix. We are still working on transitioning everything to the new system, from rabbits to site code and everything in between. This is a pretty massive update that ties in with the other marking updates we have been adding lately. We will continue to take time as we remove bugs and work on new code to switch Warrenz over to this new and more versatile marking system so that it will have all the same features as before. Here are the other parts that we are working on adding (ore re-adding) soon:

- Wild English stones and other (brand new) wild stones will be added.

- The wild Flake, which will work like the Spirit Flake (and work within Golden Flake).

- The Agouti Flake, like above.

- Reintroduction of wild agouti markings into the explore rabbits. Currently, these are not in explore yet (they should be in the breeding, though).

- Wild agouti stones for adding and removing wild agouti markings, and re-introduction of the new tiger stripes stone functionality (it will add tiger stripes like before, but in the new system).

- Tending to color names. This is something that is best done after the new system is in place, so we will be reworking it and fixing color names after we work out other kinks.
- Fixing broken image (the black silhouette rabbits) accross the site. If you want to report any broken or failed images, feel free to do so in the bug reports forum. Either way, we will be going through as many rabbits as we find to have bugs and fixing them.

As a final note for those curious about how this effects Wild DNA: Right now, the only thing Wild DNA does is add a mid brown layer. This brown layer is solid (unlike the agouti (A) gene layer). Wild markings are now (or will be) completely switched over to be added with stones instead of the gene, so we may or may not have a purpose for this gene in the future. There are two possibilities:

A. Wild agouti stones will cause the solid mid brown layer on full extension self automatically, thus eliminating the need for Wild DNA (since you can't put agouti markings on full extension self, this would not take away any functionality and make things easier by removing the expensive middle step of the Wild DNA).

B. Wild DNA will continue to be used for the solid mid layer.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask staff in our Discord or on the forums.

Thank you everyone for being patient as we move forward! We're very excited for all the prospects the new system brings! Right now, we are working through the basics and the hard brunt work, but once we finish this part, we'll be able to focus on reaping all the benefits of the new system (we have a lot of very cool markings planned).

Jay, Skunk, Palms

2019-11-25 13:45:51

Jay, Skunk, and Palm stones can be used again. Unlike in the previous system, these can also all be previewed at the same time (along with other markings).

We have also made a few bug fixes to the new system and are still working on the transition for the wild markings.

Legacy Rabbits

2019-11-24 17:54:15

Due to the new layer system, we're able to convert old ID rabbits into the new system. You can now give them tiger and harlequin markings.

There is no longer a legacy file being used for older rabbits, so legacy rabbits are essentially no longer a thing.

We will be able to apply future markings to older ID rabbits without issues.

If any of your rabbits did not convert properly (if they look different from what they should), feel free to post in the bug forum and we'll fix them right up.

Feedback Needed

2019-11-22 15:00:38

Hello everyone! We are in need of feedback on some recent layout adjustments to prevent the former page stretching issues around the site.

There are a few things staff are putting on hold until we can find out whether the layout adjustments we made are good to go, or if they need to be reworked.

Please let us know whether the layout adjustment works for you or causes any issues in this poll (and if causes issues, let us know in a reply so we can fix it).

Thank you all for your feedback.

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