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Contest Winner

2020-03-26 00:27:06

Daffodilpatch won the Character Contest against 29 other rabbits! Their owner received 19600 pts, 690 account exp, and 5350 rabbit exp.

Contest Winner

2020-03-19 00:27:10

AstralProgram won the Character Contest against 49 other rabbits! Their owner received 27300 pts, 875 account exp, and 8050 rabbit exp.


2020-03-13 09:32:36

There's been an update to the Kindling page!

In order to make life easier for players who have a lot of bucks to scroll through, you can now select bucks by tunnel.

Since this nnew method makes the rabbit dropdown less cumbersome, we've also lifted the 'rabbit must be in a burrow' requirement. You can now breed outliers.

Let us know if this update has improved your experience in this poll. Depending on feedback, we may implement similar dropdowns to other areas of the site.

Crystal Cave Poll

2020-03-12 10:37:41

Hello, everyone! We once again need your feedback on a specifc thing here in Warrenz.

We would like to know if the Crystal Cave is user friendly and not confusing at all. In our eyes, since we have ben developing it, it is pretty clear, so we want to avoid any confusion and cluttering on it by asking you guys.

The forum post with the poll is here. Feel free to leave any ideas, suggestions or feedback as you need, we are all ears!

Contest Winner

2020-03-12 00:27:10

PrinceComposure won the Character Contest against 25 other rabbits! Their owner received 18200 pts, 660 account exp, and 4950 rabbit exp.

More rabbit changes

2020-03-07 10:46:44

With the recent addition of some rabbit markings, some rabbit images have also changed.
The system we had in place made it so, if a pose didnt have a marking that other pose was using, it would get converted to the first marking of that type on the database, or if there is such marking, it would hide it untill a marking gets made for that base.

So for example, the pose 1 has the markings A, B and C, but pose 2 has only A and B.
If used a shadow of a doubt to change from pose 1 to pose 2, A and B would transfer as normal, but since pose 2 is lacking the marking C, it would get converted to the marking A untill a marking C is made for that pose.
That would mean that every new marking we added would change rabbits. Since that is not how we want to deal with the markings anymore, we will be restoring newly changing rabbits back to before we added the new markings and re-doing the system so there arent any more marking changes if we add more.

With this and the already on-going rabbit image fixing, this will take some time, so please be patient while we work on it.


2020-03-06 04:04:27

You can now block other players in your settings.

There are four different blocking options: mail, forums, rabbit sales, and all.

You can either block players with any combination of the three individual choices, or select the 'all' option to apply every choice.

The Terms of Service has been updated to include a rule against block evasion, which is strictly prohibited.

Rabbit Image Fixes

2020-03-05 15:03:38

The issue of some rabbit images not matching what is displayed in the Crystal Cave has been an issue for some time now, and Lunar is in the process of fixing the images one by one! This involves adding and removing markings, editing genes, mods, etc. to replicate the stored image. This process will prevent unwanted image changes in the future.

Some rabbits may not look exactly like they used to, but have been edited to look as close as possible. The images and IDs of the mismatched rabbits are being documented. This task is being carried out in the order of lowest to highest ID. The last fix (as of this news post) was done on rabbit #852876. If you have noticed any rabbits that we may have missed, you can post them in the Bugs forum.

Unfortunately, this has removed the glitch effects of some rabbits. We're looking into creating something for users that had glitch rabbits, so stay tuned for that.

Contest Winner

2020-03-05 00:27:06

DwellerOffspring won the Character Contest against 4 other rabbits! Their owner received 11500 pts, 535 account exp, and 3500 rabbit exp.

Wildstripe & Extra Forage

2020-03-04 06:28:49

A returning marking is now back in the form of a new stone! The Wildstripe Stone can now be found in Sunset Bay. It will give your rabbit some fancy stripey markings.

There is also a new item, the Extra Forage, which you can use after a day's foraging to make all of your rabbits ready to forage again.

This item cannot currently be acquired in-game. It has been sent by staff to many players who may have been affected by a forage-related bug that was resolved a few weeks ago. Enjoy!


2020-03-02 13:21:21

The Fullcolor Core and Fading Core items are being renamed and reclassified as flasks instead of cores. They've also received new artwork!

No changes have been made to functionality. We're only updating their name and appearance to help set them apart from the other Cores, since their functionality is different.

Cores can be used to edit markings, whereas these Flasks are used to grant special effects to Colorful rabbits.

Thank you to Ghost for drawing the flask items!

Contest Winner

2020-02-27 00:27:08

KeenJay won the Character Contest against 70 other rabbits! Their owner received 32700 pts, 935 account exp, and 8200 rabbit exp.

Contest Winner

2020-02-20 00:27:11

LaurelSage won the Character Contest against 48 other rabbits! Their owner received 26100 pts, 825 account exp, and 7100 rabbit exp.

New Pose

2020-02-18 13:11:00

A new pose is now available! You can find rabbits in this pose in various later level areas starting at the Park. You can also transform rabbits into this pose using Shadow of a Doubt.

Heart Treat Bags

2020-02-18 09:41:58

Due to a bug that may have affected the Heart Treat Bags (which has now been addressed and resolved), we've sent out a replacement for every Heart Treat Bag that was won.

If you won any Heart Treat Bags from challenger rabbits, you should now have some new ones in your den.

Contest Winner

2020-02-13 00:27:07

MineGorse won the Character Contest against 78 other rabbits! Their owner received 34600 pts, 950 account exp, and 8100 rabbit exp.

February Mini Event

2020-02-11 13:09:36

The February mini event has started! With it, a new area is now available to all players which will be available for the rest of February. This area will also make a return each year from now on. Bear in mind that this event is very small and is not intended to be a fully fledged event. We plan on adding more to it next year.

The staff are currently focussing heavily on bug fixes and making the site more user-friendly, especially in regards to the Crystal Cave. This currently takes priority over events, but we do have some content for you guys to enjoy in the meantime!

There are 3+ new items you can get from this area. One of those items is the Wildheart Stone, which will allow you to put heart-shaped markings on bunnies! Keep in mind, not every pose has heart markings available, but our art team has come out with lots of never before seen heart markings in preparation for this month!

If you have a chimera, this stone will add a heart marking to each side and you can remove one if desired.

The two other items we'll leave as a surprise for now.

A new pose is also coming soon. This is not a special event pose and you will be able to find them year-round.

Cores & Stones

2020-02-10 10:06:56

An update has been made to some of the color changing items.

All items (such as stones, cores, and Skvader Stars) that are used to either edit or add markings are affected.

When adding new markings or editing markings in the crystal cave, an item was previously needed for each individual marking edit/addition. For example, changing the hue of two different Wild markings would use up 2 Wild Cores. Likewise, if you wanted to add 3 different Wild Ear markings, that would require 3 Wildear Stones.

We have changed the requirements on this to now only use up one item at a time. You can now edit multiple Wild markings with the use of one Wild Core. Or you can add 3 different Wild Ear markings with the use of one Wildear Stone.

If you're editing or adding different things (that require different types of items), you'll still need the other items. For example, if you want to edit 5 Wild Markings and 3 Spirit markings, you will need 1 Wild Core and 1 Spirit Core.


2020-02-09 08:27:18

There is a new poll regarding level restrictions for the crystal cave. Let us know your opinion.

Missing Agouti Markings

2020-02-09 08:03:18

Many rabbits have been discovered to have missing agouti markings due to a bug. These markings have been fixed.

This may cause rabbits to get markings they didn't 'appear' to have previously. These can be removed with a Removal Stone if they aren't wanted.

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