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Move Images

2019-07-22 07:50:04

All skills now have images, including the foraging skills, which are visible where your rabbit's current skills are listed.

Contest Winner

2019-07-18 00:27:02

NutBerry won the Character Contest against 22 other rabbits! Their owner received 19300 pts, 745 account exp, and 6800 rabbit exp.

Contest Winner

2019-07-11 00:27:03

SideWay won the Character Contest against 83 other rabbits! Their owner received 40000 pts, 1170 account exp, and 12250 rabbit exp.

Predator Skill Icons

2019-07-08 16:09:29

Predator fights now have a unique icon for each skill! The interface now works similarly to rabbit challenges.

Contest Winner

2019-07-04 00:27:02

LovePetal won the Character Contest against 24 other rabbits! Their owner received 21500 pts, 835 account exp, and 8500 rabbit exp.


2019-06-30 23:12:44

There’s a new color pattern coming soon called English, which will be available in the July Pavilion area as an even color! Although they can only be found during the event, you will be able to breed them easily year-round.

Contest Winner

2019-06-27 00:27:04

♡ CandyCorn won the Character Contest against 32 other rabbits! Their owner received 22100 pts, 785 account exp, and 7100 rabbit exp.

Ear Scratch!

2019-06-23 20:07:44

There is a new pose! These ear-scratchers can be found in various areas including Snowhill and the June Beachside areas. Thank you, CarrotCube, for doing the Spirits, Wilds, and English (TBA) on these! And thank you to theverdanthare for the sketch!


2019-06-22 18:50:30

There are three new very rare color changing items called cores that you can find while foraging in certain areas.

The Fullcolor Cores can turn a basic Colorful rabbit into a Full Colorful, resulting in very flashy bunnies! The colors they change to depends on the rabbit's hidden modifiers. Found at Mystic Grove, River Bank, Spirit Tree, and Soulful Pond.

The Fading Core can give Fade to a Colorful, which can sometimes show a lovely effect. The color of the fade depends on hidden modifiers. Found at River Bank, Spirit Tree, and Soulful Pond.

Spirit Cores will turn the spirit markings to light/dark depending on the hidden modifiers (light spirits are more common). Found at the Spirit Tree.

You can also preview what the items will look like at the Crystal Cave.

Contest Winner

2019-06-20 00:27:03

PuddleBelly won the Character Contest against 81 other rabbits! Their owner received 36600 pts, 1020 account exp, and 9350 rabbit exp.

Lucky Human Foot

2019-06-16 17:31:28

The Lucky Human Foot credit item now works in tunnel-wide forage. It also now indicates exactly which items were found due to the effects of the Lucky Human Foot! You will see in a special message next to each item if the item would not have been found otherwise.


2019-06-16 16:06:10

Some brave (and very hungry) bunnies had ben experimenting with eating these weird shrooms, their effects were not noticeable untill they had kits!
These new shrooms will give your kits different effects.
Rabbits are not farmers, not that farming mushrooms is easy, so your best bet to get any of these fungi is by foraging. Where to forage? Mushrooms grow all over these lands, but we are not sure what kinds of shroom you can find in different areas.
However, we have some rabbits that reported seeing Unicorn Shrooms at the June Beach and some other rabbits reporting that the spirit tree has a unique mushroom that don't appear anywhere else. Beyond that, everything else is a mystery for now.
Hope you find these shrooms as funny as we did!

Foraging & Rabbit Slots

2019-06-13 16:12:21

There's a new way to forage called Tunnel Forage that lets you forage using an entire tunnel at once! This option is great if you don't have time, but still want to get through your foraging for the day. You can still get more out of the individual foraging if you decide to stick with that option.

Additional rabbit slots can also now be purchased from the site store. Unlike upgrades, these slots are permanently bound to your account. They stack with upgrade slots and level slots.

Contest Winner

2019-06-13 00:27:03

PuddleBelly won the Character Contest against 28 other rabbits! Their owner received 21900 pts, 815 account exp, and 7900 rabbit exp.

Nightmode is here!

2019-06-11 11:40:32

After the increbile 100% yes in our Facebook poll, we have ben making the Nightmode layout now accessible to everyone under settings.
We hope you enjoy this theme but if you have anything to say, I invite you to post on the forums and let us know!
Thank you very much and enjoy!

Rabbit Treasures are here!

2019-06-07 10:44:22

As you might have noticed, there have ben some rabbits holding some items in their profile.

Now yours can do that too!

Simply go to their profile and add as many slots to their Treasury as you'd like, then go to your inventory and click on the items you'd like to add to their profile. At the bottom you'll see the option to give the item to whatever rabbit has open slots.

To remove the items from their profile, just click on the item(s) you'd like to be returned to your den.

This feature currently has no gameplay functionality and it is a way to characterize your rabbits.

This includes Mission Rabbits! If you have a mission rabbit, you can also give them whatever items you think they'd love to have a hoard of.
Like certain banana and strawberry bunnies...

However, we might need to change that feature in the future, and if the mission rabbits change owners, we may have difficulties refunding the money you spent on the slots.

There are plans to expand the den size, so while this feature may free your Den a little bit, I assure you waiting is going to be worth it.

We also do have things planned for the treasure slots in the future but as to what exactly shall maintain a secret, for now, we hope you enjoy giving your rabbits things to hold and show off!

Contest Winner

2019-06-06 00:27:02

StarNoble won the Character Contest against 19 other rabbits! Their owner received 19100 pts, 765 account exp, and 7350 rabbit exp.

ToS Update

2019-06-03 03:58:30

The Terms of Service have been updated with clarification on rules regarding political discussion and trading in-game currency with other sites.

Mark Fighters

2019-06-01 20:24:32

You can now mark fighters in your tunnels! This allows you to choose which rabbits are used in predator battles!

You can read more details about selecting fighters in the Predator Guide.

Credit Items

2019-06-01 12:55:13

Credit item prices and availability have been redone. Unicorn Horns are also now available as a credit item year round, but will continue to be findable during the June event each year!

If you purchased a credit item at a higher price in the past, feel free to let us know in the Contact Us form or Help Horum. We'll be giving out elligible credit refunds on the price changes.

Thank you all again for supporting Warrenz!

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