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Rabbit Limits

2019-09-22 12:19:41

We now have more space on Warrenz. Rabbit limits have been increased and kits have been removed from the rabbit limits (we made some precautions to be sure we have space for this now!).

Contest Winner

2019-09-19 00:27:02

RushWon won the Character Contest against 39 other rabbits! Their owner received 24000 pts, 810 account exp, and 7250 rabbit exp.

Rabbit Images

2019-09-14 05:29:24

Rabbit images are now stored as individual files! Rather than being processed by the generator each time you view them, they are now saved and reused (so no more having to wait for them to load).

You can view images with the new link, https://www.warrenz.net/img/rabbits/RABBITID.png, by putting your rabbit's ID where it says 'RABBITID.' Any rabbit who doesn't have an image will generate one the first time it's viewed. Images are also regenerated any time changes are made to a rabbit's appearance (such as getting a scar, changing a gene, changing pose, getting a snowflake, etc.).

Since your bunnies will be loading very quickly now, there's a new option in the Account Settings where you can increase the number of rabbits viewed per page.

We'll have more updates later. For now, we're making sure everything transitions correctly.

Contest Winner

2019-09-12 00:27:02

Eternity won the Character Contest against 31 other rabbits! Their owner received 21300 pts, 755 account exp, and 6550 rabbit exp.

New Layout

2019-09-05 07:51:48

There's a new layout! This one is Winter themed and has a mainly white background (for those who had trouble with the darker backgrounds). Thank you CarrotCube this beautiful new layout!

The Spirit Grotto also has been moved into the Crystal Cave where you can now preview spirit markings (even if you aren't upgraded). You'll still need an upgrade to access the Spirit Tree, though.

Contest Winner

2019-09-05 00:27:04

Thorn won the Character Contest against 42 other rabbits! Their owner received 25500 pts, 855 account exp, and 8000 rabbit exp.


2019-09-03 11:02:12

There's a new herb you can find in some of the cooler areas like Snowhill and Snow Shed (along with the herb shop). It's Dill, a rather hardy herb that prefers cooler climates.

Herbs allow you to heal health during a challenge.

Credit Shop

2019-09-03 10:23:26

Lunar here. The credit shop is back open. You can now purchase credits again.
This was closed as a precaution because of hurricane Dorian. I didn't want to risk outages getting in the way of applying credits. This is no longer an issue, though. Everything is back up.

Credit Store Downtime

2019-09-01 06:54:15

The Credit Store is scheduled for downtime. We'll be taking the page down at some point today. If you want to purchase credits, we you should get those purchased before the downtime!

We're expected to have the credit store back up and running by the middle or end of the week.


2019-08-31 15:04:16

The new creatures now come in Palms markings. Thank you, Ryrima for volunteering to do these.

Ryrima has an art gallery here that you can check out!

Pose #14 also now comes in Palms markings. Thank you, Cocoa for volunteering to do these!


2019-08-30 13:07:11

A new creature is out and prowling in the Swamp, as some of you may have already discovered! Thank you to CarrotCube for doing Wild markings, Arsen for Skunks and Jays, Astro for the Spirits, and Shiba for English!

Pose #5 now also comes in Palms markings, and #9 comes in Jay. Thank you, Cocoa for volunteering to do these!

Contest Winner

2019-08-29 00:27:02

DayWanderer won the Character Contest against 29 other rabbits! Their owner received 21500 pts, 785 account exp, and 7250 rabbit exp.

September Event

2019-08-28 19:00:29

The Swamp is now open, and the September event is starting!

We know it's not quite September yet, but we're opening this event a few days early this year.

There's an unusual creature lurking about in the Swamp, so... uh... keep your eyes peeled.

User Leaderboards

2019-08-28 13:09:32

There is now a user leaderboards section that you can get to from the online users page. It shows the top players in a few different categories (challenges won, predators defeated, etc.).


2019-08-28 10:56:32

There's a new link in the Plaza where you can go to answer quiz questions. By answering questions, you can earn a little extra pts and account experience. There are no restrictions, so you can do these any time for some extra quick earnings!

Within the quizzes, there are three categories. The Basic category covers a lot of general rabbit related knowledge. The Warrenz category is for game-specific trivia. Genetics is for questions related to genes, hidden modifiers, etc. (mostly realistic rabbit genetics, but there's some Warrenz specific questions in there too).

There's three stages to advance through for each category. The more advanced categories give you harder questions, but they also payout more (both in exp and pts).

You can also grab some new badges!


2019-08-28 08:13:32

Pose #8, #12, and #13 now comes in Palms markings. Thank you, Ryrima for volunteering to do these.

Ryrima has an art gallery here that you can check out!


2019-08-26 14:41:19

Pose #6 now comes in Jay markings. Thank you, Alledowaya for volunteering to do these.

Alledowaya has an art gallery here that you can check out!

Skunks & Palms

2019-08-24 08:50:33

Pose #3 now comes in Palms markings. Thank you, Ryrima for volunteering to do these.

$claimername has an art gallery here that you can check out!

Also, pose #14 and #2 now come in Skunk markings. Thank you, Ryrima and Teewie for volunteering to do these!

Magic Stars

2019-08-23 08:41:07

Magic Stars are now coded to work separately from Skvader Feathers. Instead of a transformation item, they will add or remove the special star marking on a Skvader (depending on whether your Skvader has it). They will no longer overwrite current special markings.

We will eventually have an item that functions similarly for other special markings like Palms, Skunk, etc. so that you can add and remove markings with ease. There are three different marking layer slots, so you'll be able to rearrange the markings as needed.

The Skvader Feather has been re-added to the credit store. Stars will still be an event item you can get during August!

Skvader Stars

2019-08-23 06:38:53

In order to fix an issue with Skvader stars overwriting other special markings (like Jays, Palms, etc.), we're splitting the transformation item into two different items.

The Skvader Feather will transform your rabbit into a Skvader (no star) and the Magic Star can add the star to a Skvader.

Everyone who had a Magic Star now also has a Skvader Feather for each Magic Star that was owned. If you had Magic Stars in your shop, check there (the Skvader Feather prices were defaulted to 0 so they can't be sold until you set a price. We also added them to rabbit treasures where stars were found.

The Skvader transform item has been temporarily removed from the credit shop and will be back most likely today or within the next couple days.

Foraging has been updated so you can find the Skvader Feather, and Magic Stars are a little more common. Magic Stars are currently inactive and don't do anything, but don't get rid of them. They should up and functioning again (as a way to add the Star to a Skvader) soon within the next few days. We're working on getting it so they don't overwrite other markings.

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