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2019-02-09 14:49:50

The level cap has gone up again! It is now 130.
You can find Dutch colored rabbits in the level 130 area.

New Feature - Missions

2019-02-08 15:30:36

There's a new feature that can be used to earn extra points and remove excess items from your den! We've been wanting to provide another method of earning points and using items, so we're exited to announce Missions! With missions, you can turn your items in for nice point rewards. A new set of mission badges have been added along with the new feature.

You can find missions on the Explore Map. Each location has its own rabbits who will ask for various items in exchange for point rewards. As you level up to unlock new areas, you gain access to that areas missions.

You can turn in the items you foraged for, or even turn in the ones you bought in shops. Any items in your den can be turned in (if they're what the rabbit requested and you have enough of them).

The same rabbit's mission can be redone every 3 hours, though the rabbit may ask for a different item, quantity, and give a different payment amount each time—depending on the rabbit, each mission rabbit has their own unique requests and payouts.

If you leave a mission unfinished, it will be refreshed every 1-2 days. So if there's a mission you don't want to do, you can wait until it gets replaced by another request from that mission rabbit.

Let us know if you have any issues such as bugs with this new feature, or any questions.

Level Cap Raised

2019-02-01 07:45:34

The account level cap has been raised to 120 with a new area to unlock!

There will also be more new areas to unlock in the future.

Den Shops

2019-01-26 14:23:50

You can now sell items to other players from your den!

First, move any items you want to sell into your shop. You can do this by clicking on the item in your den and clicking the button 'Move to Shop.'

Once you have items stocked in your shop, you can go to your My Shop page from your den and start setting prices.

You can give the View My Shop link to another player where they will be able to buy the items in your shop.

Shadow of a Doubt

2019-01-23 09:59:54

The Shadow of a Doubt item is no longer in the Grasslands, just a heads up. The reason we made it available in the Grasslands was due to the pose resets across the site.

The pose-changing item will be placed somewhere else where it's intended to be soon. We are also still working on the feature to buy/sell items to and from other players.

Notifications & Warrens

2019-01-19 11:47:48

When using the forums, you will now get a notification if someone else replies to your thread.

Also, when looking to join someone else's warren, you can now see which ones have space available easily on the main warrens listing page.

New POse & Phrases

2019-01-13 21:41:24

There's a new pose! You can find them in the first 3 areas for now. We are currently working on reposing the wild rabbits to fit better with their personalities, which are now reflected in various phrases you can read when you find them.

The first three areas are done. We'll finish reposing the other areas in the next few days.


2019-01-12 20:56:07

Poses can now be either gender! This messed up the poses of already-existing rabbits, but we have a solution to that (below). Note that the wild rabbit poses will have to be fixed too, which we intend to do alongside another upcoming feature.

We were unable to retain poses of rabbits who have been switched over, so we are also releasing the pose-changing item at the same time. We figured instead of offering to fix all your rabbits, it would be more beneficial to players to get the pose-changing item for free so you can choose any pose you want for any rabbit, and sell them too if you'd like. You can now forage for it in the Grasslands for a week.

We recommend holding onto any extras you find if you have room, there's going to be an option to sell items to other players soon.

Fantasy Color Dominance

2019-01-12 19:29:26

We switched the order of dominance on fantasy colors to reduce the odds of them hiding (aka breeding two real rabbits and getting a fantasy color).

This will cause any rabbits who used to carry a fantasy color to now express it. Please let us know in the help forum if you have any rabbits you would like the fantasy genetics removed from due to this update.


2019-01-11 20:49:57

You can now claim Badges for reward bonuses! They will also display on your profile.

Badges are earned by completing certain criteria, like having kindled 10 litters, reached level 30, or winning against 50 rabbits in challenges.

The Badges page is accessible from the sidebar.

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